Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Sunset Harris Apartments to AF Dayton Real Estate LLC, two lots, $365,000.

J & D Investments to Sharon Fisher, Timothy Fisher, one lot, $20,700.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Five O’Eight Limited, a part lot, $40,5000.

Lynn Saddler, trustee, William Saddler, trustee, Saddler Revocable Living Trust to Sherry Development Inc., a part lot, $285,000.

Estate of Margaret Ankney, William Ankney, executor to Carol Savchitz, Mark Savchitz, one lot, $70,000.

Jeanne Boeke, attorney in fact, Rosalind Boeke to Carol Hemmert, Daniel Hemmert, one lot, $61,000.

Estate of Helen Mikolajewski, Susan Mikolajewski McLain, executor to Ursula Harris, one lot, $150,000.

Harry Arthur to Senzian Graham, one lot, $55,000.

Ann Gambill, Beverly Gariety to Angela Seagraves, one lot, $87,000.

Nathaniel Burgh, Tracy Burgh to Andrew Brush, one lot, $129,000.

Estate of Dawn Wiersma, Deborah Wills, executor to April Watson, one lot, $75,900.

Kristin Roth, William Roth II to Susan Roby, one lot, $130,000.

Patricia Highley to Dean Highley, five part lots, $0.

Michael Downey, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., one lot, $50,600.

Jerry Bodey, Sheryl Bodey to Bodey Family LLC, two lots, $0.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to Riedel and Riedel Investments Ltd., one lot, $12,000.

Mr. Cooper, Nationstar Mortgage to David Littlejohn, a part lot, $65,000.


Sharon Jones, Thomas Jones to Russell Newhouse, one lot, $118,800.

Terri Henne, William Henne, Robin Sumbaugh, Timothy Zumbaugh to David Doseck, Karen Doseck, one lot, $128,500.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to Debura Debejare, one lot, $0.

Debura Debejare to Tiffany Harper, one lot, $150,000.


Jerry Borchers, Mary Ann Borchers to J & B Properties LLC, one lot, one part lot, $145,000.

Fieldstone Partners LLC to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc., one lot, $70,000.

Fieldstone Partners LLC to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc., one lot, $70,000.

Brian Walker, Shani Walker to Kristen Hollis, one lot, $209,000.

Myra Gerardi, Megan Stillwell to Janice Bruns, Michael Bruns, one lot, $370,000.

Bonnie Blair, David Blair, William Leech to Sylvia Erline, Thomas Erline, one lot, $214,900.

Milton Eichman, Mary Louise O’Brien to Moenergy LLC, one lot, $0.

Annette Adams, Douglas Adams to Jonathan Shroyer, Kati Shroyer, one lot, $260,000.


1990 Garber Family Trust, Alice Gaber, trustee to Amanda Schwartz, Erick Schwartz, one lot, $119,900.

Raymond Ferrell, Tina Ferrell to Richard Rolf, Theresa Rolf, a part lot, $60,000.


Aimee Levan, Jason Levan to Matthew Pierron, one lot, $75,000.


Charles Penquite, Charlotte Penquite to Jon Penquite, a part lot, $0.


Edward Bauman, Jean Bauman, Pam Jamison, Randall Jamison to Abby Jenkins, Levi Jenkins, two lots, $97,5000.