Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Keara Strayer, Scott Strayer to Kaylee Spruance, one lot, $109,500.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Heath Mitchell, two part lots, $23,000.

Cheryl Bowling, Clifford Bowling to Richard Harbour, Tamira Harbour, one lot, $139,900.

Amanda Hughes, Jayson Hughes to Justin Daniel, Sara Daniel, one lot, $219,900.

Kimberleigh Ellis, Kimberleigh Kazmaier, Michael Kazmaier to Heather Brinkman, one lot, $52,000.

Deborah Grant to D & S Custom Millwork LLC, two part lots, $8,000.

NVR Inc. to John Aidoo, Sylvia Aidoo, one lot, $288,600.

Dustin Alexander to Amanda Hughes, Jayson Hughes, one lot, $258,000.

Tonya Weber to Alexander Janning, Ashlee Janning, one lot, $163,000.

Gloria Bashore Trust, trustee to Gloria Bashore, Maurice Bashore Jr., one lot, $0.

Estate of Jennifer Littlejohn, Jennifer Zeller to Dannie Littlejohn, one lot, $0.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to Emily Liening, Travis Liening, one lot, $408,000.

Jim Brown, executor, Estate of Carrie Tucker to Harlan Holsinger, Marilyn Holsinger, two lots, $77,800.

Jesse Hackney, Susan Hackney to Molly Hirtzinger, one lot, $126,500.


OSA Miami Investment Ltd. to Shelby County Memorial Hospital Association, two part lots, $1,125,000.

John Davis, Susan Davis to Ashlyn Gambill, Isaac Gambill, a part lot, $99,900.

Connie Tennery, Dennis Tennery, Gerald Tennery, Loretta Tennery to Melissa Tate, one lot, $87,000.

Kenneth Tate, Melissa Tate to Joseph Williamson, one lot, $214,000.

Debbie Rush, Richard Rush to Alec Young, one lot, $ 89,000.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Jesse Aldstadt, one lot, $101,300.

Jean Wilson-Reed to Jody Carney, Jon Carney, one lot, $213,000.

Candice Ford, Michael Ford to Trey Fletcher, two part lots, $84,900.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot< $0.

Keith Caserta, Kent Caserta, Roberta Caserta, Kimberly Caserta-Long, attorney in fact, William Long to Kimberly Smith, Louis Smith, one lot, $125,000.

Mark Knupp, Rosemary Knupp to Nicholas Wilde, a part lot, $28,000.

Lisa Feeser, Barton McGraw, Lisa McGraw to Barton McGraw, Lisa McGraw, one lot, $0.

Mary Ann Minton to Travis Minton, two part lots, $0.

Johan Eppinga, Merasol Eppinga to Barbara Beaver, Tommy Beaver, $69,000.


Fay Servicing LLC, attorney in fact, Prof-2013-S3 Title Trust II to 214MIA308 Trust, Equity and Help Inc., trustee, one lot, $21,500.


Covington Fire and Rescue Inc., successor trustee to EF Property Holdings, one lot, $375,000.


Inverness Group Inc. to Amanpreet Gill, Baldev Gill, two lots, $243,900.

Robert Hooper to James A. Moses and Wilma Moses Irrevocable Trust, Amy Linder, trustee, James Moses, two lots< $189,000.

Mary Devitt to Benjamin Seekell, Meagan Seekell, two lots, $254,900.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Belinda Miller, Scott Miller, Belinda Zembo to SCIG Series III Trust, U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., one lot, part lot, $53,400.


Marlene Wagner, Robert Wagner Jr. to Monyca Boomsma, one lot, $139,500.

Cheryl Stallard, John Stallard to Elizabeth Kley, Matthew Kley, one lot, $267,000.

Cindy Baird, Jeremy Baird to Jason Baird, one lot, $70,000.

Holly Fritts, Josh Fritts to Bryce Deweese, Kelsey Deweese, one lot, $242,700.

Joel Timmer to Emelda-Rose LLC, two lots, $0.


Dena Pierce, Dena Reittinger, James Reittinger, $0.

Dale Howard, Patricia Howard to Eric Cheatwood, Kelly Cheatwood, Kelly Howard, 2.525 ares, $240,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Helen Ortiz to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., successor, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc., one lot, $74,000.

Brenda Cooper, Matthew Cooper, Lora Larck, Cynthia Mullins, Ronnie Mullins to Brenda Cooper, Lora Larck, Cynthia Mullins, $0.

Dennis Lawson, Gregory Lawson, Judith Lawson, Julie Lawson, Darrell Poteet, Sherri Poteet to Darrell Poteet, Sherri Poteet, one lot, $92,400.

John Ohsner to Vannetta Ohsner Fox, Dewayne Ohsner, $0.


Amy Wilmer, Lonny Wilmer to Robine McCunn, Steve McCunn, 6.0 acres, $129,000.


Sheryl Myers, Timothy Myers to Adam Barraza, one lot, $146,900.

Trader and Klatte Investments LLS to Hinkle and Klatte Inc., $419,500.

Ashley Lopez, Justin Lopez to Jesse Hackney, Susan Hackney, one lot, $201,000.

Fran Brown, S. Lee Brown, David Kendall, Marsha Kendall to Glen Kendall, 15.184 acres, $0.


Miami County Commissioners to Elizabeth Township Board of Trustees, 51.674 acres, 2.180 acres, $0.


Estate of Marjorie Kaur to Jo Ann Kaur, John Kaur Jr., Daina Moss, 4.030 acres, $0.


Satish Rao, Anuradha Venkateswaran to Anthony Cruz, Nanette Cruz, one lot, $364,900.

Sandra Pohlman, Thomas Pohlman to Angel Investments LLC, one lot, $120,000.

Chad Cyphers, Christina Cyphers to Andrew Ritz, Whitney Ritz, one lot, $220,000.


Estate of Helen Heisey to Donald Heisey, $0.

Elaine Wintrow, attorney in fact, Leroy Wintrow Jr. to Elaine Wintrow, 4.513 acres, $0.


E. Louise Edwards to Holly Powell, 3.9885 acres, $300,000.

Barbara Warner, Douglas Warner to Douglas Warner Revocable Living Trust, Douglas Warner, trustee, 82.68 acres, $0.

Douglas Warner, trustee, to Theresa Behm, Christine Michaels, Michael Warner, 82.68 acres, $0.

Tante Mathias, Neal Pemberton, Tante Pemberton, Connie Wackler, Nicholas Wackler to KW Farm LLC, $789,8000.

Bonita Rogers, Kenneth Rogers to Bonita Rogers, Kenneth Rogers, 88.47 acres, $0.


Laura Lincoln, Todd Lincoln to Laura Lincoln, co-trustee, Todd Lincoln, co-trustee, Lincoln Family Revocable Living Trust, 2.718 acres, $0.

Laura Lincoln, Todd Lincoln to Laura Lincoln, co-trustee, Todd Lincoln, co-trustee, Lincoln Family Revocable Living Trust, 24.0 acres, $0.