Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Deborah Crouch, Robert Crouch to R & D Rental Properties, two lots, $0.

Leah Prenger, Troy Prenger to Christa Boyd-Landis, Martin Landis, one lot, $123,000.

WL Fisher Family to Miami Enterprises, one lot, $45,000.

Janet Larck, Timothy Larck to Cathy Wolfe, one lot, $17,000.

Up North Construction Ltd. to Harriet Murphy, Ronald Murphy, one lot, $252,200.

Scott Investments of Troy to Robert Walker, Shari Walker, one lot, one part lot, $150,000.

Cathy Rohr to Roger Gayhart, Cathy Rohr, one lot, $0.

Bill Adcock, TJ Adcock to Gary Nasal, Mary Nasal, one lot, $403,000.

Dianna Schieltz, Jerry Schieltz to Patricia Moore, one lot, $124,900.

Joseph Collin, Tiffany Collin to Richard Seman, Tina Seman, one lot, $230,000.

Connie Currin to Connie Currin Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Connie Currin to Connie Currin Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Albert Anderson, Carol Anderson, Ole Anderson to Harold Sargent, one lot, $135,500.


Dianna Nichols, Terry Nichols to James Longanecker, one lot, $102,000.

Dennis Foster, Douglas Foster, Mary Foster to Tonya Bragg, one lot, $41,000.

Diana Hall, Jeffrey Hall to Michael Caulfield, a part lot, $105,000.

GMS Leasing to Bensar Properties, $2,037,300.

RC Williams Limited to Joyce Wagner, two part lots, $114,900.

ALL Encompass LLC to Encompass LLC, one lot, $0.

Julie Roeth, William Roeth to Julie Roeth, William Roeth, one lot, $0.

Estate of Virginia Cantrell to Cove Cantrell, one lot, $0.

James Fazio to Daniel Keller, Mary Jo Keller, one lot, one part lot, $95,000.


Amy Moore to Arthur Moore, one lot, $0.


Bobby Jolly to Christopher Boggs, one lot, $110,000.

J & L Rental Properties LLC to Casey’s Marketing Company, one lot, $30,000.

AJH Investment Inc. to Casey’s Marketing Company, a part lot, $665,000.

Vicky Roetter to Casey’s Marketing Company,a part lot, $85,000.

Amy Woods, Justin Woods to Amy Woods, Justin Woods, one lot, $0.


Beth Defrances, Patrick Defrances to Zachary Anderson, one lot, $68,000.


Julie Wellman, Spencer Wellman to Julie Wellman, one lot, $0.


Karl Peura, Rebecca Peura to Richard Gulley, Cary Hatton, one lot, $184,000.

Connie Currin to Connie Currin Living Trust, one lot, $0.


Estate of Gregory Fine to Jeffrey Fine, one lot, $0.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Your Space, LLC, one lot, $45,000.


Mary Jameson, Michael Jameson to Kathryn Adams, Phil West, two lots, $308,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $51,0000.

Inverness Group, Inc. to Carlos Lopez Ortiz, Carlos Ortiz, two lots, $271,600.

Inverness Group Inc. to Micah Mangrum, Shalynne Mangrum, two lots, $265,900.


Gerald Beech to Carol Beech, one lot, $0.


Board of Trustees of Troy Abundant Life Assembly of God to BS Property Investments, 0.918 acres, $125,000.

Charlotte Stager to Randy Stager, 0.755 acre, $0.


Barak Boone, Theresa Boone to David Motter, Juanita Motter, 1.45 acres, $50,000.


Amanda Anderson, Nathan Anderson to Christopher Loar, $195,000.

David Knife, Karen Knife to Rachael Upton, Russell Upton, one lot, $330,000.

David Weber, Karen Weber to George Lesher, Melanie Lesher, a part lot, $345,000.


Estate of Linda Cook, Larry Cook, executor to Jade Combs, Zachary Combs, 0.631 acre, $144,000.