Marriage licenses

Chelsea Dawn McDaniel, 37, of 424 Meadow Lane to Richard Angelo Popp, 33, of same address.

Jennifer Rose Marten, 25, of 257 Westhaven Drive, Troy to Marcos Antonio Limas Jr., 24, of same address.

Jacob Thomas Albaugh, 24, of 6050 S. Rangeline Road, West Milton to Katie Lucille Laycokc, 23, of same address.

Tyler Keanu Wise, 24, of 395 S. Alcony Conover Road, Troy to Jessilyn Beth Lavy, 29, of same address.

James Edward Burnett, 46, of 307 S. Roosevelt Avenue, Piqua to Hollie JO Anne Kuch, 32, of 17373 State Route 47 East, Sidney.

Emily Rose Hatmaker, 21, of 28 Shoreline Drive, Brookville to Luke Benjamin Ferguson, 21, of 205 West Market Street, West Milton.

Aden Nicholas Burns, 21, of 4865 Myers Road, Covington to Marjorie Rose Headings, 18, of 6540 Gettysburg Pits Road, Bradford.

Alexa Christine Tucker, 20, of 8537 Oakes Road, Arcanum to Christopher John Davidson, 21, of 356 Miles Avenue, Tipp City.

David Lee Peeples, 50, of 311 N. 3rd Street, Tipp City to Heidi Marie Ranard, 46, of same address.

Gregory Ellington Hill III, 30, of 345 Wood Street, Piqua to Tiffany Jo Martin, 30, of same address.

Benjamin Randall Schwan, 37, of 292 N. Jay Street, West Milton to Kathleen Ann Dickerson, 40, of 21 Walnut Street, Ludlow Falls.

Kaitlyn Renae Lehmkuhl, 25, of 4395 Burr Oak-New Hope Road, Casstown to David Thomas Heffelfinger, 30, of same address.

Mikki Lane Alexander, 37, of 4553 Piqua Troy Road, Troy to Michael Robert Schumacher, 36, of same address.

Brett Aston Black, 24, of 26 Navaho Court, Tipp City to Breanna Lee Floyd, 24, of same address.

David O’Neal, 60, of 810 Manier Avenue, Piqua to Penny Suzanne Sweitzer, 58, of same address.

Zachary Adam Bruening, 28, of 974 Cedar Grove Drive, Tipp City to Emily Lynn Bickley , 28, of same address.

Donna Jo Spitzer, 60, 414 Davenport Drive, Louisville, Ky. to Stephen Chalres Spitzer, 62, of 1465 Windridge Place, Troy.

Haley Irish Adams, 22, of 1484 N. Rangeline Road, Pleasant Hill to Austin James Thomas Ouellette, 23, of 165 N. Wall Street, Covington.

Stacy Lynn Inderrieden, 46, of 147 Westhaven Drive, Troy to Mark Alan Maggart, 50, of 11093 State Route 364, St. Marys.

Stanley Feltner, 63, of 324 Morehead Street, Troy to Cindy Ann Fisher, 54, of same address.

George Spencer Thomas, 23, of 3340 Ginhamsburg Frederick, Tipp City to Morgan Elizabeth Haddad, 23, of 2365 Worthington Drive, Troy.

Nathaniel Adam Parlett, 37, of 252 Grant Street, Troy to Kira Nicole Harris, 36, of same address.

Coree Faith Wheeler, 24, of 960 Maplecrest Drive, Troy to Joshua David Holfinger, 24, of same address.

Halie Justine Fuge, 25, of 70 N. Sayers Road, Troy to Dylan Michael Kennison, 24, of same address.

Livia Ivelisse Diaz Torres, 54, of 301 1/2 E. Main St., Piqua to Juan Jose Santos Sr., 41, of same address.

Craig Allen Carr, 44, of 1976 Springwood Drive, Piqua to Amy Elizabeth Teague, 44, of same address.

Drew Michael Sanders, 25, of 790 Branford Road, Troy to MacKenzie Jean Vincent, 22, of same address.

Jason David Rudy, 39, of 6600 Marjean Drive, Tipp City to Kristin Lynn Mantia, 38, of same address.

Ryan Patrick Dunn, 22, of 3488 Township Road 108, Huntsville to Hailey Margaret Brumfield, 23, of 583 Storm Court, Tipp City.

Samantha Kay Stepp, 23, of 914 Briarcliff Avenue, Piqua to Trenton Michael Cooper, 26, of same address.

Tyler Patrick Henry, 24, of 127 S. Wenrick Street, Covington to Samantha Nicole Johnson, 23, of 11898 County Road 54, Findlay.

Samuel Patrick James Allen, 27, of 527 Smith Street, Tipp City to Sierra Nicole Bailey , 26, of same address.

David Anthony Nickels, 52, of 436 E. Greene Street, Piqua to Karen Sue Clark, 50, of same address.

Simon Hyatt, 46, of 2023 Red Cedar Dr. Apt. 2A, Tipp City to Susan Kaye Turner, 47, of 3 Buckingham Close, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham

Bobbi-Jo Ellen Byers, 22, of 113 Solar Drive, Tipp City to James Clayton Pelphrey, 23, of 8280 Wildcat Road, Tipp City.

Steven Gardner Flick, 44, of 1102 S. Clay Street, Troy to Deborah Leigh Grigsby, 49, of same address.

Peter Odell Holmes, 72, of 2055 Swailes Road, Troy to Linda Marie Munka, 66, of 7379 Lantis Geeting Road, Camden.

Ophelia Epiphany Reeves, 18, of 8600 Miami Shelby Road, Covington to Dustin Thomas Shelby, 26, of same address.

Trey Richard Thomas Eustache, 25, of 6639 State Route 55, Ludlow Falls to Sarah June Black, 23, of 11416 Old Mill Road, Union.

Derrick William Edward Lovin, 38, of 1330 Summit Creek, San Antonio, Texas to Amy Lynn Stokes, 24, of same address.

Patrick Thomas Ghidossi, 30, of 4837 Waldenwood Drive, Highland Ranch, Colorado to Holly Diane Thompson, 29, of same address.

Adele Antoinette Krause, 55, of 3540 Winifred Drive, Fort Worth, Texas to John Emmett Hartley Jr., 61, of same address.

Karen Fay Litton, 59, of 8355 W. Elm Street, Covington to Richard Wade Shock, 48, of same address.

Roy Robert Boyles Jr., 35, of 354 Lincoln Avenue, Troy to Kristen Nicole Lawhorn, 27, of same address.

Emily Ann Combs, 23, of 50 Emerick Road Apt. 2A, West Milton to Brody Michael Craport, 23, of same address.

Richard Lelon Humbert, 76, of 4186 Rudy Road, Tipp City to Julia Ann McCullough, 67, of 4225 Monroe-Concord Road, Troy.

Sara Elaine Neal, 22, of 625 Barbara Drive, Tipp City to Wiley Mitchell Wells, 26, of 879 Bischoff Road, New Carlisle.

Brian Gene Sizemore, 49, of 1040 Greenfield Drive, Troy to Traci Lynn Wright, 51, of same address.

James Edward Stitt III, 36, of 327 E. Walnut Street, Covington to Ashley Ann Lambert, 33, of 620 Miami Street, Piqua.

Michael David Hammaker, 37, of 504 N. Madison Street, Troy to April Renee Cleere, 40, of same address.

Elizabeth Ann Mosser, 37, of 130 Westwood Lane, Huntington, West Virginia to James Timothy Burgess. 52, of 224 N. Oakview Drive, Kenova, West Virginia.

Robert Leroy Tilton Jr., 55, of 8320 Lostcreek Shelby Road, Fletcher to Tamareau Tyne Westfall, 57, of same address.

Jordan Timothy Griffin, 23, of 220 Williams Street, Troy to Taylor Lynn Collins, 23, of same address.

David James Atkins Sr., 56, of 1165 Ginghamsburg-Frederick Road, Tipp City to Lisa Diane Harstine, 55, of 105 W. Monument Street, Pleasant Hill.

Bryan Jacob Mayse, 23, of 183 Brown Road, Sidney to Halley Abigail Strevell, 21, of 1919 Beckert Drive, Piqua.

David Scott Noreikas, 34, of 825 S. Crawford Street, Troy to Misty Renea Pearson, 36, of same address.