Miami County Marriages

Stefanie Michelle Cooper, 36, of 823 Hunters Creek Drive, Melbourne, Fla. to Nicholas Brandon Barnes, 35, 3603 Hightower Court, Cocoa, Fla.

John Albert Conner, 35, of 9980 Sawgrass Lane, Piqua to Chelsea Lynn Faulder, 28, of same address.

Abigail Joy Fox, 26, of 5448 Congress Ave. Apt. 4, Madison, Wis. to Trevor John Kermicle, 24, of same address.

Thomas Henry Allore III, 26, of 5715 Westview Drive, Sylvania to Karen Victoria Williams, 22, of 5150 Westland Drive, New Carlisle.

Christina Lyn Adams, 24, of 324 1/2 South Short Street, Troy to Seth Anthony Bowers, 21, of same address.

Stephen Andrew Boone, 37, of 1113 Covington Ave., Piqua to Holly Jean Penny, 32, of 366 E. Main Street, Piqua.

Kelsey Leann Durham, 24, of 6670 S. State Route 202, Tipp City to David Michael Frost, 28, of same address.

Michael David Goddard, 48, of 5300 Middlebury Road, Dayton to Melanie Lynn Barnhart, 48, of 914 Branford Road, Troy.

Pamela Sue Snell, 58, of 2055 S. State Route 48, Ludlow Falls to Lynn Singleton James, 59, of same address.

Cristina Trinh, 24, of 161 W. State Route 571, Tipp City to Jordan Gregory Carter, 30, of same address.

Daniel Donald Szklany, 42, of 1128 Pond View Drive, Troy to Danielle Lynn Powers, 36, of same address.

Katherine Suzanne Lowe, 30, of 1265 Sequoia Court, Tipp City to Gregory Allen Anderson Jr., 27, of same address.

Aaron Gregory Burchett, 27, of 4495 S. Dayton Brandt Road, New Carlisle to Bailey Ann McCabe, 21, of 956 Styer Drive, New Carlisle.

Jessica Lee Barlage, 22, of 2955 Cathcart Road, Troy to Seth Christopher Clark, 7145 Union Church Road, Covington.