Real Estate Transactions


Estate of Luther Pugalee, Lolita Zeller, executrix to Jeffrey Ott, Lisa Ott, one lot, $82,000.

Kathy Clark, Leonard Clark to Holdon Lingrell, Kimberly Osborne, one lot, $84,500.

New Life Worship Center, UPCI of Troy, Safe Harbor Ministries, successor to Keystone Real Estate Group, Ltd., two lots, $150,000.

Charles Stapleton to Charles Stapleton LLC, two lots, $0.

Karen Wheat to Charles E. Begley Jr., one lot, $85,900.

Security Lending Ltd., SL Man Inc. to Del Gambrel, one lot, $10,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Legacy Ventures 974 LLC, $0.

Bart Denlinger, Teresa Denlinger to Legacy Ventures 974 LLC, $0.

3 Gen D LLC to Legacy Grove LLC, one lot, $0.

Genette Chambers, Genette Sheets, Larry Sheets to Barbara Rench, one lot, $189,900.

Kristin Herder, Matthew Herder to Jacqueline Hale, two lots, $104,900.

Estate of James Grump, Anthony Grump, executor, to Jenny Burton, one lot, $57,000.

Ramco-Gershenson Properties LP, Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust to MO Troy LLC, three lots, $12,400,000.

Patricia Kooken to Micahel Ramey, Reba Ramey, two part lots, $88,000.

Third World Missions Inc. to Summit Holiness Tabernacle Inc., one lot, $636, 000.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $49,900.

Julia Lutz to Jack Huber, Vicky Huber, one lot, $113,000.


American Budget Company to Angela Bim-Merle, Robert Bim-Merle III, two lots, $16,500.

Nancy Cecil, Nancy Woods, Vern Woods to SKL Holding, two lots, $155,000.

Daniel Beasley, Linda Beasley, Linda Brown to Daniel Beasley, Linda Beasley, two lots, $0.

Rosanne Hensley, Sheila Pemberton to Sheila Pemberton, one lot, $7,000.

Julia Leuenberger, Julia Melvin to Douglas Melvin, one lot, $0.

Julia Leuenberger, Julia Melvin to Douglas Melvin, one lot, $0.

Douglas Lillicrap, Jacqueline Lillicrap to Betty Allen, Timothy Allen, one lot, $20,000.

Kelsey Curtis, Kelsey Klopp, Ryan Klopp to Piqua Motorcycle Sales and Service Inc., one lot, $127,900.

Beverly Jean Hartzell Revocable Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee to Garjar LLC, one lot, $110,000.

Betsy Stremmel, Scott Stremmel to Randall Stremmel, one lot, $0.

Randall Stremmel, Myra Stremmel to Krystal Martin, one lot, $77,900.

Estate of Cledia Hubbard, Don Hubbard, executor to Jean Lore, one lot, $55,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Barteri Properties LLC, six lots, $0.

Fannie Mae a.k.a. Federal National Mortgage Association , Law Office of John Clunk LPA, attorney in fact to Creative Living Systems Inc., $0.


Allen Farrara, Barbara Farrara to Point Five LLC, one lot, $0.


Alltel Ohio Inc., Windstream Ohio successor to CSL Ohio Systems LLC, one lot, $143,700.

Anthony Bundy, Vesta Bundy to Edward Hayes, Leah Hayes, one lot, $129,000.


Anthony Mantia, Nora Mantia Swanner to Tony’s Properties, one lot, $0.

Helmut Marko, Julie Marko to Helmut Marko, Julie Marko, one lot, $0.


Alltel Ohio Inc., Windstream Ohio successor to CSL Ohio Systems LLC, one lot, $143,700.


Steven Overla to Matthew Wolf, Kendra Wysong, one lot, $84,500.


Inverness Group Inc. to Brian Aller, Kristin Aller, two lots, $280,500.

Inverness Group, Inc. to Daniel Fullenkamp, two lots, $195,000.

Mary Kate Comeau Jamen, Jon Jamen to Anthony Copley, two lots, $153,500.

NVR Inc. to Jarrod Kelley, Renae Kelley, two lots, $292,700.

NVR Inc. to Jamie Champagne, Matthew Champagne, two lots, $270,300.


Miami County Sheriff Office Charles Cox, Stephanie Jones, Thomas Jones Jr. to Carrington Mortgage Services, one lot, $93,500.


Fulks Family Trust to JDadland LLC, 81.244 acres, $410,000.

Mary Fulks, Raymond Fulks to JDaland LLC, one lot, $135,000.

Jeffrey Tkach, Karyn Tkach to Charles Gray Jr., one lot, $321,000.

Susan Wilson to Jeffrey Butt, Wilma Martin, 6.383 acres, $0.

Primestar Fund I TRS Inc. to William Littlefield,3.880 acres, $103,100.

Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 0.998 acres, $0.

Donald Dapore to KLM2 Investment Properties LLC, 2.226 acres, $80,000.


Miami County Sheriff Office Charles Cox, Michael Coates, Michelle Coates to Bank of New York, trustee, $68,000.


Patricia Schiely to Ryan McDermitt, one lot, $156,900.

John Fulker, attorney in fact, Nancy Smith, Susan Teegardin, Barton Weiss to Doug Henderson, 0.643 acres, $250,000.

David Farley, Janis Farley to Charles Hayman Jr., Stephen Schaaf, one lot, $250,000.

Barbara Ernst, Daniel Ernst, attorney in fact, Barbara Wilson to Scott Investments of Troy, $0.

Donna Henry to Clinton Callicoat, Robin Callicoat, one lot, $214,900.


Jeffrey Hill, Tanya Hill, Tanya Slife to Jennifer Slife, Tim Slife Jr., 10.0381 acres, $22,206.

Marcia Jackson to William Hartzel, 0.480 acres, 0.264 acres, $155,000.


Estate of Betty Sauls to John Sauls, Mark Sauls, Matt Sauls, $0.

Process Equipment Co. of Tipp City to Property Biz, LLC, 3.573 acres, $825,000.

Sandra Hoy, W. Douglas Hoy to Elizabeth Dwenger, James Dwenger, one lot, $245,000.


Emily Gibson, Mark Gibson to Thomas Watson, Virginia Watson, 5.147 acres, $80,000.


Martin Hardman to Bradley DeWeese, Douglas DeWeese Trust, Douglas DeWeese, trustee, Kimberly DeWeese, Linda DeWeese Trust, 65.332 acres, $555,400.


Rita Huffman, Thomas Huffman to Lisa Beasecker, Vicki Francis, Brenda Huffman, Keith Huffman, two lots, $0.

Kimberly Miller, Scott Miller, Douglas Schneider, Pamela Schneider, Dale Stager, Nancy Stager, Donald Wion, Lois Wion, William Wion, Yvonne Wion to Jason Curl, Joanna Curl, $12,000.


Raymond Delong to Alexis Morgan, Casey Morgan, 0.9455 acres, $86,000.

Kathy Elson, Scott Elson to Kathy Elson, Scott Elson, 2.4535 acres, $0.

Brad Hoblit, Crystal Hoblit to Dain Peters, 1.0 acres, 0.155 acres, $80,000.