Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Feb. 8

Asian Cottage, 761 W. Market St., Troy — Observed raw meats next to ready to eat foods and raw shellfish in the chest freezer. Keep raw meats separate from RTE foods to limit contamination. Cover cooked meats in walk-in. Observed no date marking on cooked spare ribs. Datemark all cooked RTE and use within seven days or dispose.

Donatos Pizza, 414 W. Main St., Troy — Hand sink not operating properly. Repair hand sink to ensure employees are using proper hand-washing. Handles on walk-in cooler have build-up of dirt/debris. Clean these area more regularly.

Fazolis, 1887 W. Main St., Troy — Observed low grout areas between tiles in food service area, also observed missing tile. Fix issue to ensure a smooth and cleanable floor. Felt food residual on handles of equipment. Clean daily or when needed. Replace caulking at three compartment sink and pasta cooking area. Observed caulking that is not in good condition. Under pop dispenser machine in sitting area a new cabinet surface must be installed. Ensure a water resistant surface, also if any leaks or water drip is present, fix.

McDonald’s, 127 S. Garber Dr., Tipp City — Observed food residual build-up in hard to reach or clean areas. Clean properly and schedule cleanings. Observed equipment and surfaces with food residual oil and/or food debris. Clean when needed or daily, schedule cleanings to ensure code is met. This means all equipment in use (inside and out.) Floors in food service need regrouted properly. Observed food residual oil trapped between tiles. Proper grout will make the floor easier to clean. Observed leak (water) at mop sink and in basement near wall to the left after entering storage rooms.

Milton-Union Exempted Village Schools, 7610 Milton-Potsdam Rd., West Milton — Observed sneeze guards removed from pizza warmer and on line. Replace sneeze guards to equipment to prevent contamination. Observed food debris on slicer in kitchen. Clean equipment thoroughly. Covering the slicer when not in use may help with food splash.

Ordings Party Time, 810 S. Market St., Troy — Observed baked beans, bean salad and dutch loaf in deli case past seven days on the posted sheet. Foods must be disposed after seven days to limit germ growth. Review date marking with an employee for accurate info. Corrected. The floor in walk-in cooler has worn spots that need repaired to be smooth and easily cleanable.

Troy Bowl, 1530 McKaig Ave., Troy — Unthawed ham in the sink, thaw potentially hazardous products under cold running water, in the refrigerator, or in microwave as part of the cooking to prevent bacteria growth. A bowl with a white powder in under the dish sink. All unidentifiable product not in the original container must be in a marked container to prevent contamination of food. No thermometer in the walk-in fridge. Must have one. The top of the coffee maker is dirty, the cabinet under the dish sink is dirty. Clean.

Village Sunoco, 211 S. Main St., Pleasant Hill — Missing ceiling tiles in food prep room. Repair or replace tiles.

Wendy’s, 1300 Archer Dr., Troy — Food service in good operation at time of inspection.

Feb. 9

End Zone Sports Lounge, 601 E. Broadway, Covington — Satisfactory at time of inspection. Discussed food code changes.

Fricker’s, 1187 Experiment Farm Suite C, Troy — Critical violations. Observed ham, turkey, bologna (opened) without any dates in walk-in cooler. RTE, TCS foods must be dated to limit germ growth. Observed green beans (Feb. 1), baked beans (Feb. 1), pasta salad (Feb. 1), clam chowder (Feb. 1) past seven days of dating. Foods must be disposed within seven days to limit germ growth. The holder of slicer is very damaged. Pieces of plastic are missing from being sliced off. The levers of pop machine are straight and used for refilling drinks. Curved levers are required if refilling glasses to prevent lip contact. Repeat. The lid of flour is still melted and needs replaced. The inside of nacho cheese machine is caked with dried cheese. Clean machine more often to prevent contamination. The bartender is using the hand sink behind the bar as a dump sink instead of the dump sink. Train employees in correct use. Observed food debris on floor of walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer and dry storage rooms. Clean often.

Frisch’s, 16 Weller Dr., Tipp City — Observed residual build-up on walls and floor, cook line, prep line, and dishwasher rooms. Deep clean this residual buildup/debris when needed and when required. Observed grill line equipment and dishwasher with residual food orl build-up. Deep clean when required and when needed. Management is responsible for the cleaning of equipment and facility and that the cleaning is scheduled to be done when required.

Nevin Coppock Elementary School, 525 N. Hyatt St., Tipp City — Observed cooks with no hair restraints. Please obtain. Observed no date makrings on hot dogs or ham in walk-in cooler. Date marks and use RE, TCS foods within seven days to limit germ growth. Observed ice build-up from drip in two door freezer and walk-in cooler onto boxes of food below. Do not place any food under drip until repaired. Repeat. Observed a hole around pipes in ceiling over the area where lunch trays and wrapped silverware are stored. Dust and particles are falling down from the hole onto the trays below.

Speedway, 1894 W. Main St., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

UTC Aerospace Systems, 101 Waco St., Troy — Observed steak in pan on top of pizza oven at 77F. TCS foods must be kept at or above 135F, steaks reheated to 165F. Facility would benefit from a warmer to keep hot foods. Observed chicken noodle soup on counter as well. Observed food debris on holder of slicer. Equipment must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent contamination. Observed four bottles of chemicals on prep sink. Chemicals must be stored separately from food prep areas to prevent contamination.

Feb. 10

Buffalo Jack’s, 137 S. High St., Covington — Felt residual build-up on walk-in cooler handle. Ensure all handles on equipment are cleaned when needed. Observed dark caulking near dishwasher. Replace caulking properly. Observed broken tile areas in bar and near walk-in cooler. Fix tiles or base in any area that is needed. Ensure a complete sliver break down after each use or after continual four hour use. Observed food residual on back of slicer blade. Food safety handbook given.

Bowman and Landes Turkey Farm, 6490 E. Ross Rd., New Carlisle — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

F&P America Manufacturing, 2101 Corporate Dr., Troy — Observed hamburgers at 120F in hot box on line. TCS foods must be kept at 135F to limit germ growth. Product disposed. Test strips for chlorine dishwasher not measuring the strength correctly. Observed food debris on floor below disposal, under grill, on shelves, and in floor of hot box. Areas must be cleaned more often.

Applebees, 1759 W. Main St., Troy — Observed food debris on the bottom and doors of refrigerator. Observed food debris on shelves where clean dishes and equipment are stored. Observed food debris under disposal, under shelves in walk-in cooler and under grill line. Found a mop sitting in bottom of utility sink. Hang mop to dry.

Arby’s, 903 W. Main St., Troy — Hand sink has leak (rear dish washing area.) Repair sink. Sandwich cooler (kitchen) has water build-up in bottom of cooler. Repair. Several hard to reach ares have dirt/debris build-up. Such as under front counter cabinets, under prep area. Ensure these areas have more regular cleaning.

Koester Pavilion, 3232 N. County Rd. 25-A, Troy — Observed food debris on underside of mixer. Observed mildew on inside of ice machine. Discussed with maintenance that it needs cleaned more to prevent build-up.

Tipp City Eagles, 202 Main St., Tipp City — Microwave is dirty, clean to prevent cross contamination. Replace floor tile in entry of the kitchen.

Feb. 11

Upper Valley Medical Center, 3130 N. County Rd. 25-A, Troy — No violations at time of inspection.

Marsh Supermarket, 982 N. Market St., Troy — Observed plastic flaking on slicer in deli. Equipment needs to be repaired to prevent contamination so its easily cleanable. Observed growth on underside of shelves below misters in produce area. Found old food debris on inside top of meat cutter in meat room. Clean equipment thoroughly to prevent contamination. Found unshielded light bulbs in meat room. Use shields or coated light bulbs only. Observed holes in bottom of double doors on south side of delivery area. The holes must be covered to prevent entry to pests. Doors are rusty and need to be fixed or replaced.

Troy Country Club, 1830 Peters Rd., Troy — Observed raw bacon stored over ready to eat foods. Observed cooked shrimp on same shelf as raw shellfish and fish in walk-in cooler. RTE foods must be stored separately from raw meats to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Observed boxes of food on floor of walk-in freezer. No dates found on cooked shrimp, ham, and open containers of lettuces. TCS, RTE foods must be dated and used within seven days. Observed dirty bread pans from the night before. The ice scoop bucket above ice machine was dirty. Hanging tongs on clean hooks were found dirty with food debris. The guard on the mixer has food splash. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent contamination.

Feb. 12

Tipp City Foodtown, 960 W. Main St., Tipp City — Observed an ice drip in walk-in freezer to boxes and floor below. Keep all food from area until repaired. Shelf at meat case is broken and needs replaced. Meat manager states they clean grinder under refrigerator every other day. It needs to be cleaned every 24 hours to limit growth. Observed growth in ice machine in meat room. Clean more often to prevent contamination. Found light bulb without shielding in meat room.

Hinders, 902 W. Main St., Tipp City — Observed no date marking on turkey, corned beef, and taco meat. Date mark all RTE and TCS foods to limit germ growth. Corrected. Gaskets of two door refrigerators and walk-in freezer are broken and need replaced. The fan in the kitchen is very dirty and needs cleaned more often.

Fox’s Pizza, 19 N. Main St., West Milton — Some tiles still missing on floor in kitchen but other areas have been repaired. Two door freezer in room with wood floor. Continue to work on repairing floors. New refrigerator added to back side of pizza line. Discussed food code changes.

Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant, 120 E. Main St., Tipp City — New prep refrigerator added to kitchen. Holding at 37F. Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Holly’s Cafe and Carry Out, 112 N. Main St., Casstown — Ceiling tiles above cook line coming down. Repair or replace tiles. General clutter in dishwashing area. Remove clutter and unnecessary items. Lights missing in dish washing area. Repair or replace lights. Missing thermometers in walk-in cooler and in pizza cooler. Replace thermometers.

Submarine House Bar and Grill, 14 N. Main St., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Feb. 16

Burger King, 1829 W. Main St., Troy — Utensil storage containers have build-up of grease/dirt. Ensure these items are cleaned regularly. Items from previous inspection corrected.