Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

Feb. 17

WOMAN THROWS JUICE BOX AT TACO BELL: Officers responded to a disturbance call at 9:16 p.m. at the Taco Bell restaurant located at 1420 W. Main Street.

The reporting party stated Kyra Milton was not happy with her and began to curse and yell at her. The reporting party then said that Ms. Milton then threw an empty juice box at the drive-thru window, with it landing on the ground outside the drive-thru window

Ms. Milton stated that the only reason she came inside Taco Bell was to get her money back, stating that she had paid roughly $3 to Taco Bell.

The officer asked Ms. Milton to leave Taco Bell which she did, exiting through the north doors. Ms. Milton then noticed that another officer had arrived on scene and began to yell at him and cursing at him. The supporting officer told her several times that she was being trespassed from Taco Bell and had to leave the property.

Ms. Milton continued to call the officer explicit names and finally left the property after being warned several times to leave the property.

Milton was charged with disorderly conduct. Other charges are pending.

DRUGS: Officers were dispatched to the area of 1006 McKaig Ave reference to a disorderly conduct complaint. Lamont A. Clay was subsequently charged with Disorderly Conduct and Possession of Marijuana.

Feb. 18

MAN CHARGED WITH 11th FAILURE TO REINSTATE: After a traffic stop at the Budget Inn, an officer identified the driver as John Robert Rost and found his license to have four Non-Compliance Suspensions, a License Forfeiture Suspension, and 1o Failure to Reinstate Entries. The officer verified that he did not have driving privileges and informed him to call for a licensed driver to retrieve the vehicle. The officer issued John a citation for Driving Under Suspension.