Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Dorcas Walker to Barbara Edmison, one lot, $0.

Anita Anthony, Daniel Anthony, Kalpesh Patel, Rushika Patel, Bina Shah, Dipak Shah, Paresh Shah to Dipak Shah, Dipti Shah, one lot, $0.

Brannon Development Inc. to Artemis Capital LLC, seven lots, $0.

Patricia Schiely to Wesley Miller, one lot, $52,000.

Doris Cole to Robert Cron, one lot, $248,300.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, $0.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Law Offices of John Clunk Co. LPA, attorney in fact to Melissa Archer, one lot, $0.

Mark Hoover to Billie Hiers Revocable Trust Agreement, one lot, $121,000.

Steven Bowling, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to PennymacLoan Services, one lot, $83,334.

Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Matthew Knouff, one lot, $15,000.

Thomas Redick to Barbara Redick, two lots, $0.

Three Oaks Ventures to Jordan Goubeaux, one lot, $61,900.

Joseph Mencsik and Son Inc. to Mary Zemaitis, Thomas Zamaitis, two lots, $46,500.


Thomas Spurgeon to Jimmy Burnham Jr., one lot, $77,000.

Ashley Giesige, Garrett Giesige to Marcus Properties MMX, two lots, $0.

Edelyne Henrice, James Henrice to James Mueller, Laurie Mueller, three lots, $137,500.

Miami County Sheriff’s office Charles Cox, Thelma Long to Champion Mortgage of Ohio, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, one lot, $56,000.

Randall Pitts to Wright-Patt Credit Union Inc., one lot, $0.

Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities, Home Equity Asset Trust, U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Clifford Polhamus, one lot, $6,000.

Karen Larck, Stephen Larck to Stephen Larck, two lots, $73,500.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Kathleen Neves to PAJ Enterprises, one lot, $51,100.


Sarah Buxton, Thane Buxton to Brandon Bowman, one lot, $160,000.

Clayton Huber to Kristin Huber, one lot, $0.


Estate of Douglas Randolph to Douglas Randolph Testamentary Trust, Hilary Keller, co-trustee, Douglas Randolph Jr., co-trustee, one lot, $0.


Robert Cron to Corey Haines, Christopher Shilt, Jessica Shilt, four lots, $85,000.


Estate of Garnett Peeples to Allen Peeples, three lots, $0.


Delois Davis, Harold Davis to Nancy Morrison, two lots, $167,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $42,000.


Dave Naff Real Property Limited to GSC Real Property LLC, one lot, $110,000.

Estate of Douglas Randolph to Douglas Randolph Testamentary Trust, Hilary Keller, co-trustee, Douglas Randolph Jr., co-trustee, one lot, $0.


Barbara J0 Bailey, Larry Ewald, Sonia Ewald to Iron Workers Local 290 International Association, 5.132 acres, $1,500,000.

Barbara Swartzbaugh, Dennis Swartzbaugh to Amy Landes, Stephen Landes, $207,500.

Marcus Marchiel Trust, Marciel Marcus, trustee to Marciel Marcus Trust, Marciel Marcus, trustee, 13.080 acres, 9.086 acres, $0.

Susan Black, power of attorney, Mildred Gilliam to Kay Ely, co-trustee, Donald Gilliam, co-trustee, Mildred Gilliam Trust, Kaye Schafer, co-trustee, $0.

Jennifer Champlin, Leslie Champlin III to Jennifer Champlin, Leslie Champlin III, 1.99 acres, $0.


Richard Ulmes, Valerie Ulmes to Jessalyn Younce, one lot, $153,900.


George Harris, Patricia Harris to Patricia Harris, trustee, Trust Agreement of Patricia Harris, 80.927 acres, $0.

George Harris, Patricia Harris to George Harris, trustee, Trust Agreement of George Harris, 80.927 acres, $0.


Evelyn Anderson Trust, Fredrick Anderson, successor trustee, to Fredrick Anderson Trust, Fredrik Anderson, trustee, one lot, $0.

Stanley Adkins to Stanley Adkins, two lots, $0.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc.,one lot, $47,400.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc.,one lot, $47,400.

Jessica Puterbaugh to Benjamin Meade, one lot, $148,000.

Jeanne Wilkson to Aaron Quinn, one acre, $95,000.


Jay Schulz to Michele Wood, 6.0 acres, $63,800.

Living Trust of Richard Roeth, Patricia Roeth, co-trustee, Richard Roeth, co-trustee to Jeffrey Kunkleman, Lucinda Kunkleman, 10.1892 acres, $125,000.


Estate of Ellen Hodgin to George Hodgin, 79.503 acres, $0.

June Brown, Keith Brown to David Wolfe, Melissa Wolfe, 1.0044 acres, $271,000.

Olive Beanblossom Revocable Living Trust, Ned Mote, co-trustee, Willard Stickley, co-trustee to Tamara Lugabhihl, one lot, $114,300.