Troy P.D. reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

March 3

HEROIN OVERDOSE: An officer was dispatched to 902 E Canal St for a medic assist on March 3. Dispatch advised that a 26-year-old female took heroin and was passed out. CPR was in progress.

Officers entered the house through the unlocked front door, a male, later identified as Chris Daniels, said they were in the bathroom. Officers walked in the bathroom to find Daniels actively doing CPR on an unresponsive white female, later identified as Ashlee Lawrence. Lawrence was blue in her face, unresponsive, and had agonal breathing. Troy Fire Department arrived on scene and moved Lawrence to the kitchen.

Daniels stated that he was in the bedroom and he heard Lawrence say something then he heard a loud thud. When Daniels went to the bathroom to check on Lawrence she was unresponsive and he called 911. Daniels stated the Lawrence was doing heroin in the bathroom. The officers asked Daniels where the needle was and he said she snorted it. Daniels denied knowing where the empty capsule(s) were at. Officers searched the bathroom and was unable to locate any paraphernalia. Daniels also said that he did not think Lawrence would overdose because they were in court earlier in the day for a custody dispute for their children. Daniels’s demeanor was calm for the situation and he also had what appeared as a fresh track mark on his arm. Daniels denied doing heroin with Lawrence.

Once Troy medics began working on Lawrence they administered Naloxone (Narcan), and she became responsive. When Lawrence regained consciousness the officer asked how much heroin she had taken, she stated she only used one capsule. Lawrence was later transported by TFD to UVMC. (Editor’s note: This report was released by Troy Police Department records division on March 25).

March 21

HEROIN OVERDOSE: An officer was dispatched to 428 S. Clay St. in reference to a heroin overdose.

Breyanna stated that her friend’s boyfriend was upstairs and that he had overdosed. She said that her friend, Melissa Gorby, was administering CPR on the subject. The officer went upstairs and observed Melissa Gorby doing CPR to a male subject that was lying on the floor. He was identified as Clarence Dalton. Melissa stated that she had given him a dose of NARCAN that she had got from a clinic in Dayton.

Troy Fire began treating Clarence. Troy Fire stated that they had given him four doses of NARCAN. At this time Clarence began to breathe and woke up. He sat up and asked what was going on. He was told that he had overdosed. He stated that he was just sleeping. Sgt. Mumford then located an empty baggie in Clarence’s hand. Clarence was then transported to UVMC by Troy Fire.

The officer then asked who the pipe belonged to and Melissa stated that it was hers. The officer advised her that she was being charged with Drug Paraphernalia. Officers told Melissa and Breyanna that there were young children in the residence and that we wanted to make sure there was nothing that they could get a hold of. Melissa said that she would look. She stated that there was nothing in the dresser or anywhere else. The officer stopped back 30 minutes later and asked Melissa to sign the property waiver and consent form. Melissa appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Her pupils were constricted and she was slurring her words.

She was also swaying while she talked to me. She was not in this condition when the officer was there a half hour earlier. The officer pointed this out to her and she stated that she was taking suboxone. Melissa then signed the waiver form.

A charge of Drug Paraphernalia was forwarded to Municipal Court on Melissa. The pipe was marked, tagged, and placed into a property room locker.

March 23

HEROIN OVERDOSE: An officer responded to 1565 McKaig Ave. Apt E in reference to a heroin overdose. Upon arrival, the overdose victim, identified as Stacey Bruney, was in the back of the medic. Stacey admitted to using two caps of heroin a short time before the squad was called.

After being granted permission, the officer searched through Stacey’s purse and found one empty heroin cap with a light amount of residue remaining. Stacey admitted she thought there was an empty cap in her purse. Stacey was charged with drug paraphernalia and issued a summons for court.

The cap was seized and placed into evidence. Stacey voluntarily signed a consent to destroy waiver.

March 24

POSSESSION: An officer observed the listed vehicle traveling north on Stonyridge Ave. near Imperial Court, without a front license plate.

Upon contact with the driver, Sean Finnigan, the officer noticed a strong odor of burnt marijuana emitting from the inside of the vehicle.

He stated that he did not have any marijuana and that the vehicle belongs to his brother in Toledo. He stated that his brother is in a band and this may be why the vehicle smells.

Nothing was found on Finnigan’s person, but an officer did locate a wooden marijuana pipe sitting in the area of the passenger seat and console area. The pipe was still packed with what appeared to be freshly burnt marijuana. It also smelled strong of burnt marijuana.

The officer then issued Finnigan a summons for possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia and a warning for the traffic violation. Finnigan did not appear to be impaired and was then released from the scene. Finnigan also signed a waiver and consented to having the marijuana pipe forfeited and destroyed. While on station the pipe was secured in the property room.