Predicting the future of my generation’s musical legends

On Wednesday evening I was invited to go with Mr. Obvious’ family to the Eagles “History of the Eagles” concert at the Nutter Center in Fairborn.

The sold-out concert was a great time. I learned a lot about the band and its musical history. Remember, I grew up in the wheel well of a tractor listening to WLW during my childhood. The soundtrack of my youth was breaking news bulletins from Cincinnati, Bill Cunningham’s rants and The Stooge Report.

So needless to say, my parents weren’t huge music fans. My mom does love her Jim Croce and I heard my dad liked Styx at one point in his life. It was the one 8-track he had in his GTO from what I hear.

Anyways, Mr. Obvious’ clan loves music from his parents’ era. Often times when a particular song comes on the radio, they’ll connect it with a family vacation, time spent on a Kentucky lake or preparing for a Troy football game on the back patio.

Music tells stories and they have some endearing ones. It was fun to see Mr. Obvious’ sister playing air drums as Mr. Obvious rocked on his trusty air guitar during “Life in the Fast Lane.”

Looking out over the audience, it was plain to see the median age and demographic of the Eagles tour. It got me thinking about when my generation becomes of “the median age and demographic” and who will still sellout venues when I am eligible for the senior menu at Bob Evans.

This list is just a dream list. I hope most of these people are still around in 30 years.

So here are the few musical groups from my own “Millennial” generation I believe will sell out arenas (if that’s the way we will still enjoy music in the future) in 2035:

1. Mumford and Sons — OK, they sold-out Troy Memorial Stadium right here in town in 2013. We hosted tens of thousands of people for one weekend of musical mayhem. How great would it be if they were on a U.S. tour decades later. I wonder if they’ll still have the Indian chief from the Leaf and Vine on tour with them. I can hear it now, “Remember when they came to Troy in 2013? Man, that was like 35 years ago!” Remember how the town square played “I Will Wait for You” on a loop for nearly a year? Those were the days…

2. Taylor “Not So Swift Anymore” Swift Tour — The tall, leggy blonde will be our generation’s answer to Cher. I can see it now. Taylor will have a big, sparkly production with her walker all bedazzled. We’ll also reminisce with her as she goes back over each teenage/early 20’s heartbreak and their respective songs and where those actors, songwriters are in our golden years.

3. Backstreet Boys and N’Sync Silver Tour — OK, I wasn’t a huge boy band fan in the late 90s, early 2000s, but I know a lot of people who were mega-fans. I prefer my Justin Timberlake solo, but I think if we merged all the boy bands together with J.T. headlining, we could make millions. I’ll assume each one of them had knees and hips replaced by the time they go on their final farewell tour, but I’m pretty sure I can do all the hand motions to “It’s Gonna be Me.”

4. Luke Bryan: Life of Bryan Tour— Luke Bryan is like a fine wine. He’ll get better with age. He’s another show stopper that will bring up memories 30 years later. Remember when he came to Hobart Arena? You know, before he got huge? Luke Bryan’s million dollar smile may be brighter with the help of Polident (a tour sponsor, natch) but I’d be in the front row of his “Kick the Rust Up” tour in a few decades.

5. Dave Matthew Band — I left the best for last. OK. I know DMB isn’t everyone’s type of music, but I’ve seen him in concert more times than anyone else on this list. The first time I saw DMB in concert was the summer of my junior year of high school. Don’t all great concert stories of our youth start out with sentences like that? Mr. Obvious and I have seen him at least six times in the last few years alone. If DMB is on tour in 20-30 years, I’ll just be happy they are alive, let alone on their own Dave Matthews Band: Thankyouverymuch Tour.

“Twin” Melanie Yingst appears on Fridays in the Troy Daily News. She’s already gone….

“Twin” Melanie Yingst appears on Fridays in the Troy Daily News. She’s already gone….