City Christmas tree has history

To the Editor:

I would like to share a small bit of information about the Christmas tree that is on display in downtown Troy.

In 1971, Police Chief Brown, a member of the Troy Fish & Game, asked the City of Troy if the F&G could dig trees at the Troy City dump, now the site of Trostel Park, to plant along the drive at their club house on LeFevre Road. The city granted them permission and a work party was organized.

As the members planted the trees, there were extras and my husband, Gerry Williamson, asked if he could have one. The trees were about 30 inches tall. Gerry brought the tree to his home on Peters Avenue and planted it.

During the fall of 1976, Gerry moved to Summit Avenue and moved his blue spruce there too. The tree survived the transplant again. After moving from that location, he enjoyed driving by to admire the tree.

Last week I watched from the For All Seasons shop as this year’s Christmas tree was put into place with great care and precision. Later I learned that a family on Summit Avenue had donated the tree. As you may guess, a quick trip there was taken and, yep, only a stump remained on the corner.

With mixed emotions, it is exciting to see the amazing Christmas tree in the center of Troy. After growing at least 46 years, it is a shining star.

It started with the City of Troy and now has ended there.

— Penny Williamson