Bike lane an issue for reader

To the Editor:

I just dropped my grandson off at Troy Junior High and that is such a mess in the morning. Everytime I drop him off I think, “I’m going to write someone about the mess on Adams Street with that stupid bike lane.”

What was the city thinking using what could have been a car lane for a bike lane?

Since that lane has been designated for bikes only I don’t think I have seen more than five bikers on it.

When we leave the junior high and get to that stop sign on Adams Street at the Hobart Arena cross street, everyone has to wait in one lane to go on; to turn left, go straight or turn right. What sense does that make? They need to rethink that bike lane and turn it back into a lane for cars.

Also, while I’m “talking,” the new traffic light by Speedway on State Route 55 — can they install sensors at that light and the new one across from Clopay (stupid light anyway). Sorry to rant, but that mess in front of the junior high this morning provoked this message!

— Sallie Botto