Guns and alcohol do not mix

To the Editor:

The front page article in the Troy Daily News on Feb. 20 reads “Two arrested for loaded gun at local bar.” It seems that alcohol gave this person, who was packing a weapon, the false courage to threaten the bartender. I’m sure we all know that guns and alcohol do not mix.

The Ohio House of Representatives recently passed H.B. 48 (guns everywhere) which would allow loaded concealed weapons on our college campuses. Unfortunately, alcohol gets on our college campuses and along with concealed loaded weapons (there) could be a tragedy.

Universities who allow weapons on their campuses would be granted immunity for injuries or deaths that occur as a result. Parents who now have or will be sending their children to college should be concerned.

Now is the time to call your state senator and tell them to trash this bill. Email District 5 Senator Bill Beagle at or call (614) 466-6267.

George Riegle