Editorial roundup

The Blade, Aug. 19

The campaign to fill the seat vacated by former U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi, in the 12th Congressional District, was ferocious and ended in an excruciatingly close election. Final results are still not known.

And because the race was close and hard fought, some supporters of both Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson have continued the battle long after the polls closed.

Rumors have circulated that dozens of votes were cast by voters who are too old to be alive, much less to be voting. Some theories focused on a batch of once-missing and then rediscovered votes, which some critics believe are illegitimate and created to sway the election.

The rumors and conspiracies reached a fevered pitch that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted was forced to step forward to refute them: “Those who want to engage in spreading a blatantly false narrative wholly detached from reality should find better ways to spend their time.”

Nothing is more important than faith in the integrity of our electoral system, and in our election mechanisms. Without that faith, democracy is compromised and conspiracy theories grow.

Americans have to believe their elections, and election counts, are clean and legitimate. And that means election officials, and politicians running for office, have to take extra steps to make sure they truly are.

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The Sandusky Register, Aug. 16

We join today with hundreds of other newspapers and call on President Donald J. Trump to stop using the hyperbolic rhetoric he routinely employs to humiliate his perceived enemies. We join other newspapers across the country to condemn Trump’s dangerous and dehumanizing rhetoric, including calling the news media the “enemy of the American people.”

We’re just one of many targets, however, for President Trump. He’s been driving home the message of division, escalating his attacks both broadly, and individually, to disturbing new levels in recent weeks. He’s become chief propagandist of misinformation he cobbles together from questionable news sources, and at the same time purports to call out legitimate news organizations that dare to report on his perceived disingenuousness.

The Sandusky Register stands proudly with other newspapers, with other media companies, with our shared tradition of celebrating our communities and our nation and serving them. We are not the “enemy of the American people,” Mr. President. We are champions of the people, and their right to know, their right to be informed.

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