National Dog Day is celebrated all year long

Anymore, there seems to be a holiday for anything and everything these days.

For instance, Friday was National Cherry Turnovers Day. I do like a good turnover now and then. A delicious hot pocket of cherry goodness deserves its own day. Of course these holidays have a few fun facts with them. Did you know there are 1,000 kinds of cherries. Did you know my absolute favorite fruit is the increasingly rare and increasingly expensive Rainier cherries from the Northwest? They are divine.

As I write this on (Thursday morning) today is National Just Because Day, because you know, just because!

I had chocolate for breakfast … just because. I sent a nice text to my twin sister … just because. I posted a few random photos on my Instagram account of my Just Because Day activities with a #Nationaljustbecauseday since this holiday only comes around once a year.

Today is National Chop Suey Day and Sunday is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Don’t mix them together, it doesn’t even sound remotely appetizing.

Of course these daily holidays are weaved into the observance of the August monthly celebrations of Family Fun Month, National Eye Exam Month (which just reminded me to make my eye doc appointment) and National Water Quality Month.

I’m sure the last one is a touchy subject for our friends in St. Marys and Lake Erie.

Last Wednesday was National Dog Day (along with National Women’s Equality Day and National Cherry Popsicle Day).

The goal of the National Dog Day Foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year. Dozens of photos of everyone’s dogs appeared on my social media feed to commemorate the occasion.

Our Weekly Record Herald editor Cecilia brought in her sister’s black lab to mark the special day. Dogs just make us happy around here (except for Fong who isn’t a fan of any animal).

Here in the newsroom, sometimes we break up the depressing news cycle by visiting the Miami County Animal Shelter’s website to cheer ourselves up. They have a talented photographer Donna Meade who takes the most wonderful photos of the shelter’s dogs and cats. In fact, I’ve toyed with adopting a cat or two solely on the fact she makes them look so adorable. For the record, I don’t even like cats, but she makes them look so darn cute.

Shorty has been part of my family for more than three years. Three years ago, I decided I needed a dog on the farm. Every kid needs a dog growing up. For months I searched the photos of the county’s animal shelter looking for “The One.”

More than three years ago, I spotted a black and white faced pup who was released by his owners. For a few days I kept looking at his photo and debating whether I should take on dog ownership. Finally, my boss Melody, who owns two dogs, loaded me up in her car and took me down to the shelter to check this dog out in person.

The shelter was loud. All of the dogs were barking so much, including Shorty. I knew I didn’t want a yappy dog that barked. Yet, Melody pushed me to get the dog out of Kennel No. 9 and take it outside to see how he interacted away from other dogs.

He fetched the tennis ball. He sat quietly and waited for me to throw the ball again. He didn’t bark at all. He didn’t jump and he quietly laid down for belly rubs.

Melody observed how he interacted and could tell by his disposition that he was a good fit. “Get him,” she told me. And so I did.

I wrote the check and loaded the dog up in the car and slightly panicked what my landlord father would say when he saw the new dog.

But, it didn’t take long for the rest of my family to fall in love with Shorty, too. In fact, he’s now a regular at my house and at my parent’s house. I have to drop him off in the mornings like a toddler at day care. He goes to the lumber yard, tractor store and pals around the farm with my dad during the day. He herds Evan’s sheep (when he feels like it) and likes to race down the lane from the creek to the barn. He’s the best guard dog. Shorty barks at every strange truck, but somehow knows when it’s my dad coming down the lane.

Our local shelter has some great animals waiting for their new forever home. So in honor of National Dog Day, get online and keep looking for “The One” just like I did several years ago.

Happy National belated Dog Day Shorty and to all of you who rescue these animals all year long.

“Twin” Melanie Yingst appears on Fridays in the Troy Daily News. She’s a sucker for a Chihuahua in a sombrero.

“Twin” Melanie Yingst appears on Fridays in the Troy Daily News. She’s a sucker for a Chihuahua in a sombrero.