Editorial roundup

The Canton Repository, April 11

Certainty? Out. Inevitability? Long gone. Predictability? Try again. Those all dropped out of the presidential primaries weeks ago.

In what has shaped up to be one of the strangest races in decades, all bets are off, which explains why Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains hellbent on staying in.

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“Governor, here’s a riddle: What’s round on both ends and has got to be high in the middle? Because to secure the nomination at the convention in Cleveland this summer, Kasich would have to get 116 percent of the remaining delegates. We’d have to make him governor of every remaining state, plus some states we don’t even have yet. He’s looking very good in North Kentucksylvania and Massachippissippi.”

Thirty-two states have voted, 18 remain. Republican front-runner Donald Trump, suffering a damaging loss in Wisconsin last week, has a tough row to hoe to secure the nomination before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. No wonder he whined, with an air of entitlement ahead of the Badger State contest, about Kasich…

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