Thank you for all the support

To the Editor:

With heavy heart, Bella, my loyal protective confidant Black Lab companion who served faithfully beside me for 11 years passed away recently.

Bella shared her true Texas heart with everyone she met along the trail with a happy smile and a sharp bark to say hello. And best of all, Bella’s sense of love for understanding the human psychic. She touched our hearts with laughter and joy in many ways.

To the Miami County Park District, thank you for sponsoring the third Sunday “dog socials” with naturalist John DeBoer, the park staff and Deb the photo lady. Bella loved romping with new and old friends, wearing her gold medals with pride, seeing her pictures on the MCPD website and digging her nose into DeBoer treat cans that were left along the trail.

To all whom came Bella’s way, a grateful thank you for the treats, the bottles of water, the handshakes, the warm hugs and respect for the service. Thank you for your kindness and humble invitations into all of the local business establishments, including the Hayner, the library, and the city of Troy during our daily walks around town and the neighborhoods.

To Ken and Rosaleen Rayman, the meaning of true friendship in time of need, they came running. Thank you for your loving support, friendship and generosity during this difficult time. Bella loved coming to the shoe shop, sitting for a special treat and curling up in the chair until closing time.

To Dr. Amy Walker, Pawsitive Veterinary Healthcare, who admirably commanded Bella’s house call with dignity into a peaceful, private moment. Dr. Walker’s professionalism is above approach. Her compassion and integrity goes beyond the love of animals. They affect and calm the human spirit. Dr. Walk, I personally thank you for your respectfully impeccable delivery of Bella’s condition when reality set in. Your words of comforting wisdom will be with me forever. May you continue serving our community with honor.

To Miss Bella, thank you for choosing me to be your mom.

Happy trails to all …

Cynthia Schaefer