Speeding, noise remains issue in Westbrook area

To the Editor:

Hobart Institute of Welding, located at 400 Trade Square West, will soon be completing the newly constructed parking lot that will accommodate their growing population. With an additional entrance/exit in the Westbrook neighborhood, it has been and continues to experience increasing traffic and noise problems from 7:15 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. School management and the local police department have been unable to affect a consistent change in the student driving behavior entering and exiting the school. Speed limits, stop signs and the noise ordinance are completely ignored. The police department would have to have a patrol car sit daily four times a day to truly affect behavior of the students, which is not practical.

Many suggestions were made at the start of construction and none were given consideration by HIWT management. One suggestion I would like you to now consider would be to exit students to the right only out of the new north Trade Square East Road exit and to the left only out of the south Trade Square East Road exit. Students exiting left would travel down to the end of Trade Square East before turning left or right to leave the Westbrook neighborhood. This method of exiting would decrease the numbers of students speeding east and west in the Westbrook neighborhood. Speed bumps along Trade Square East would insure that these students are reminded daily that the speed limit is 25 mph not 45 or 50 mph.

— Rita Bedford