Lawmakers ignore gun safety issues

To the Editor:

Gun violence in Senate District 5 (portions of Darke, Montgomery, and all of Miami and Preble Counties) for 2016 is shocking.

So far this year up to Aug. 16, there have been 87 gun violence incidents resulting in 24 deaths. These deaths range from a 1-year-old child killed in a drive-by, to a 70-year-old killed on his porch. Domestic violence is responsible for nine of the deaths, many of them multiple killings.

Under federal law, those convicted of domestic abuse cannot possess a gun. The lack of a state bill addressing these same issues means there is no framework for enforcing the federal law. When will our Ohio lawmakers start to take the death of women seriously?

Child shooting deaths and injuries in Ohio is another issue many of our lawmakers are not too interested in when the leave House Bill 75 (firearm storage to prevent access by minors) languish in committee.

In two years, six kids killed by other kids playing with guns. In the years of 2015 and 2016, child shoots and kills self with firearm not properly stored. Child injuries from improperly stored firearms amount to 12 in two years.

Last year the Ohio House passed HB 48 (guns everywhere) and it’s awaiting a vote in the Senate. This bill would allow loaded concealed weapons on college campuses, school gun-free zones, private daycare centers, airport terminals, and police stations.

Recently a state senator introduced a a bill (No. 341) allowing anyone over 21 to pack a weapon without any training whatsoever. It’s appalling Ohio politicians continue to propose and pass ridiculous gun legislation and turn their backs on gun safety issues.

Facts and figures come from — look them up.

Call your district representatives, Bill Beagle, (614) 466-6247, email Stephen Huffman, (614) 466-8114, email

— George Riegle