Fun doesn’t have to include alcohol

To the Editor:

A decision was made by our council to serve beer at the arena for certain events with proper security. This would be so people could have more fun at the events.

I guess I don’t know what I’m missing since I don’t drink beer. Then it was given “careful consideration” by our council to serve alcohol when Mumford and Sons came to Troy, I guess it would be more fun and appropriate. I missed that also!

Now we serve it at a “beer garden” and add wine at the Taste of Troy, so we can have more fun! But wait, maybe it isn’t more fun, it could be a way to make more money at these events and adding wine to the event makes it even better. As was said by another letter to the editor what are we teaching our children and teenagers? Did you ever think some of these people start drinking before they ever arrive at these events and then they are encouraged to have more?

What event will be next? I seriously wonder about people who cannot go two to four hours without drinking some sort of alcohol. Some of these events are held in downtown Troy and a visitor already has a choice to sit on the patio at La Piazza or the Caroline and have a drink of their choice. What a fine example we give to others.

We all adjusted to “no smoking” in public places and we have all benefited when we enjoy dinner, shopping, amusement parks, etc. Our state government made a wise choice.

What a mistake we are making, and when and where will it stop. Maybe new people in their elected offices.

— Nancy Frantz