Parking lot has not fixed issues

To the Editor:

It seems the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, located at 400 Trade Square East, Troy, created an additional parking lot, approved by the Troy City Council, that is and will be under-utilized.

Students continue to park on the street in front of neighboring homes in whatever direction they determine is most convenient. They continue to drive wrecklessly as they enter and leave school. As the assistant to Mr. Fisher indicated, the students are too lazy to walk to the newly created parking lot where there are more than enough empty parking spaces to accommodate these students and management cannot require them to park in the lot.

When Mr. Fisher, safety manager, joined the discussion, he asked “Did I want him to shut the whole parking lot down and have all the students park on the street?” I can only say this comment was as intimidating as the detective’s comment at the fall meeting concerning arrests of Westbrook residents.

Is there no one who can or will seriously address student issues and, frankly, HIWT’s management style issues? Are Ohio traffic laws (i.e. speeding, loud vehicles roaring through the neighborhood, running stop signs, parking on the wrong side of the street, blaring horns at 11:30 p.m. as they leave the parking lot) only applied to Troy residents.

— Rita Bedford