Reader understands Dunn’s frustrations

To the Editor:

After reading Tom Dunn’s essay in “The View” from Monday, July 27, 2015, I feel compelled to comment on the frustrations that jump off the black and white for anybody, including myself, as a math teacher graduate, who place our kids’ welfare and education where it should be — one of our top priorities.

We’re 33 days apart in age and I’ve been paying big time attention to Tom since the Holiday Basketball Tournament in 1971. Tom’s the type whose reputation precedes him; sort of like the Troy High School motto “In Pursuit of Excellence.”

He’s of the kind of ability like the late Dick Netzley, Dr. Richard Adams or Mike Beamish, for example, who should be in Columbus straightening out our flawed education system (in Ohio).

Then the system, being as flawed as it is, will take a Dick Adams and put him on another committee having nothing to do with education.

It is totally obvious that Tom is completely frustrated after 4o years in education, with the cronyisms, kickbacks, self interests, lobbyists, etc. Do you get it?

We’re talking about scenarios that Tom is not a part of: The very scenarios that are completely counterproductive to one of our highest priorities — educating our kids.

Over 40 years ago, I interviewed with William Hobart and will never forget how he called our children “our most precious possessions.” It is time that the so-called politicians and/or educational administrators in Columbus keep this in mind and stop dealing in their own self interests instead of our children.

In closing, I want to quote Luke 9:48, which states that “He who stoops to welcome a child in My name welcomes Me and he who welcomes Me welcomes he who sent Me.”

— Patrick J. Groff