Cox’s legacy lives on

To the Editor:

Sheriff Cox ran his office with honor and integrity. We all learned a great deal from him as he led by example. Through his efforts, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office has become one of the best and most respected in the state of Ohio. We are very proud to have served with him, and his legacy will carry on.

Other sheriff candidates hinted that our morale was low. We all work together as a team to get the job done. We are united, proud, strong, and will stand with Sheriff Duchak to continue Sheriff Cox’s professionalism, integrity, and dedication in serving the citizens of Miami County.


— Deputy Scott Lade, Deputy Joe Martin, Deputy Tim Larger, Deputy Todd Cooper, Deputy Shaun Shell, Deputy Liz Mcquire, Deputy Steve Hickey, Deputy Chase Underwood, Deputy Travis Boggs, Deputy Andy Leininger, DeputyTravis Lowery, Deputy Parrish Brazel, Deputy Ben Garbig, Deputy Roger Davidson, Deputy Ryan Karn, Deputy Ethan Ennist, Deputy David Walker, Deputy Brad Kline, Deputy Nate Jessup, Deputy Randall Allread, Deputy Tim Moore, Deputy Justin Miller, Deputy Warren Edmonson, Deputy Sarah Fraley, Deputy Ryan Stein, Deputy Mark Stephenson, Deputy Brian Peoples, Deputy Bonnie Mcmaken, Deputy Robert Morando, Deputy Greg Dilts, Deputy Will Roberts, Deputy Roger Davidson, Deputy Phil Osting, Deputy Richard Manns, Deputy Frank Lockhart, Deputy Jeremy Bubeck