The time is now to speak up for gun control

To the Editor:

News from the FBI uniformed crime reporting program on the top 25 murder capitals in the US for 2015. This report rates murders per 100,000 and Dayton came on No. 22 with 26 killed and Cincinnati came in No. 13 with 66 killed. Firearms are responsible for a majority of these deaths.

Update on gun violence in Ohio’s Senate District 5 (portions of Darke, Montgomery and all of Miami and Preble counties) from Aug. 17 to Nov. 15: There has been 36 gun violence incidents, two mass shootings and eight murders. The total for the year in our district is 123 incidents, 32 murders and we can now add two mass shootings.

Ohio’s lame duck session is coming up and its the best time for them to sneak through bad gun laws. House Bill 48 (would allow concealed loaded weapons on college campuses, school gun-free zones, private daycare centers, airport terminals, hospitals and police stations) has already passed the Ohio House of Representatives and is awaiting a vote in the Senate. There are some dangerous new gun bills that would expand hidden weapons in our communities and are moving in the House State Government Committee. HB 452 would remove the current prohibition on carrying hidden loaded weapons into a place of worship. HB 518 would allow for gun-extremist legislators to carry hidden, loaded weapons into government buildings.

Now is the time to speak up or you will see loaded, hidden weapons on our college campuses, churches and numerous places.

Call or email Senator Bill Beagle at (614) 466-6247 or, or Representative Steve Huffman at (614) 466-8114 or

— George Riegle