Lame duck sessions, lame legislation

To the Editor:

Now I understand why they call it a lame duck session of Congress with all the legislation recently passed by them.

Let’s start with a measure passed that blocks local governments from raising minimum wages and passing laws to benefit workers. The anti-worker measures were quietly inserted into a bill regulating where pet stores can buy dogs and cats (Senate Bill 331.) Stuffing this bill into a pet store bill was “an aberration” of the legislative process. Cleveland residents are scheduled to vote in May on whether to phase in a $15 an hour local minimum wage. That’s why the bill happened.

HB48 (guns everywhere) will allow loaded concealed weapons on college campuses, private daycare centers, public areas of airport terminals, public libraries and government buildings that don’t have security screening devices and staff. The college and library board have the option not to allow weapons on their premises as does the daycare center owners. Parents, keep in mind, an institution of higher education (that allows weapons on campus) shall be immune from liability in a civil action for any injury caused by or related to person or property that allegedly was caused by or related to a concealed weapon holder bringing a handgun on campus.

Many government buildings in Ohio have no screening devices, so they will have to allow loaded concealed weapons on site. Government buildings are public places where passions can sometimes run high and easy access to weapons could lead to some unfortunate consequences even from friendly fire. This is another legislation written with no consideration to the financial and operational ramification on local governments and our taxpayers, as well as the public ad workers safety in government facilities.

These bills are yet to be signed off by the governor so there is still time to voice your opinion.

Bill Beagle signed off on both bills, HB48 and SB 331, even though his Senate district has one of the highest gun violence rates and gun violence deaths in the state.

Steve Huffman signed off on the anti-worker measure SB 331 wasn’t in office when HB48 was voted on.

— George Riegle