Continue to support locally owned business

To the Editor:

I think the customers of Tim Horton’s at 700 W. Main St. in Troy need to know that the new business where the Sonic restaurant used to be is not associated with our locally owned Tim Horton’s that has been in Troy for over 14 years.

The manager, Alison, lives in Troy has worked hard to make her business very successful. She is extremely active in our community. She supports the Future Begins Today, Troy Schools, Troy Christian School, St. Patrick’s School and works hard. Her staff is so competent and always very friendly.

When I was visiting “Tim’s,” I inquired about the second store they were opening further out beyond I-75. Alison informed me this store is not an extension of her business. The person buying that franchise is from Texas.

I encourage the patrons of the first Tim Horton’s in Troy to continue to support Alison’s business and therefore support our own community.

— Nancy Frantz