See the value in Tipp schools

To the Editor:

Sometimes, we have to take a step back to see things more clearly. A painter steps back to check her work, a quarterback drops back to assess the situation more clearly, and as my 40s have kindly reminded me, I now need to pull that restaurant menu back for it to come into focus. I’m too stubborn to take the help that my reading glasses are begging to offer.

However, when our family took a job opportunity that moved us from Tipp City to Ft. Worth Texas, it didn’t take long to see the differences in Tipp City Schools verses our new city with five high schools, each with over 2,000 students. We enjoyed our time in Texas, but what came into focus from a thousand miles away, was the uniqueness of Tipp City and the value we have here in Tipp City Schools.

When I look at Tipp, I see Mrs. Beam sending my then kindergartner letters from his classmates to let him know they missed him and wished him well in Texas. I see Mrs. Yunker teaching two of my kids to read with the coolest finger pointers ever. I see Mr. G giving my then fifth grader a book that set her on a huge adventure with “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, and five years later, when we returned to Tipp City Schools, he remembered each of our names. I see Mr. Bonifas answering numerous emails and many other teachers giving us an extra dose of grace as we were stumbling our way through another move halfway through a school year. I see teachers and administrators caring at a personal level and going above and beyond. I see families who welcomed us back, and new families who have become friends. I also see a unique small town where my kids can walk to get ice cream, where men still grab cups of coffee and stop by the barber shop to catch up the local gossip, and where business owners work extra hard to preserve our downtown. I see things that matter, things that are worth investing in, and things that are worth preserving.

When it came time to move back to Ohio, choosing Tipp City Schools for our kids was an easy choice to make. We had stepped back far enough and long enough for things to come into focus. There’s plenty of negativity to go around these days, but I’m going to pick up those reading glasses, continue to see the full value we have in Tipp City, invest in the people who have invested and cared about us, and do my part to preserve the excellence we have at Tipp City Schools.

— Amy Powell

Tipp City