Celebrating farmers on Tuesday

To the Editor:

Happy National Agriculture Week!

In celebration of National Ag Day, March 21, 2017, the Miami East FFA Chapter would like to thank area farmers for all that they do. We appreciate the long hours spent working the land, raising livestock, protecting our resources and wildlife, and planning for the future of our families.

According to the American Farm Bureau, it takes about 36 days or five weeks for most Americans to earn enough disposable income to pay for their food consumed at home and away from home for the entire year. U.S. consumers must work much longer each year to pay for others things, including taxes, health, and medical care, and housing/household operation. Farmers can celebrate the affordability of food produced by our farmers and ranchers each year during Food Check-Out Week, which typically falls in early February. This is the breakdown: Food – 36 days; Recreation and clothing — 36 days; State and local taxes — 39 days; Health and medical care — 52 days; Housing/Housing operation — 62 days; and Federal taxes — 77 days.

Thank you, farmers, for providing us the cheapest and safest food supply in the world. We appreciate the financial and personal investment you take to utilize the latest technology available and protect our soil, air, and water. The world’s population is expected to be over 9 billion by 2050, and American farmer are going to have to feed and clothes us. Thank you!

— Marie Carity, Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor and the Miami East High School FFA Chapter members