Evangelicals, NRA perplexing alliance

To the Editor:

When it comes to guns one of the most perplexing alliances, to me as a Christian, is that of evangelicals and the NRA. The paranoid NRA has long opposed all common sense regulations,including that of allowing the CDC to study and recommend ways to reduce gun violence,as a matter of health policy. Of all religious groups, evangelicals seem to be most aligned with those positions.

How Christians can justify this unholy alliance, which runs so counter to biblical teaching, is very troubling. Jesus taught that mercy, peacemaking, and loving your enemies are the primary goals, not longevity — saying “Do not be anxious for your lives.”

Evangelical Pastor Rob Schenck, an ardent opponent of abortion, came to believe his sole focus on that one issue was inconsistent when other lives were being lost to gun violence. Although his stand has cost him members and finances, he still contends, “One cannot be pro-life and pro-gun.”

In a salient statement to fellow evangelicals, Pastor Schenck goes further saying, “We need to start putting the Second Commandment (love your neighbor) above the Second Amendment.”

— Larry Brown

Tipp City