Tralfagar rezoning issues remain same

To the Editor:

Tralfagar rezoning has come before the Troy Planning Commission again, for about the 22nd time. The issues from the beginning of the petitions/referendums are still the same and some have been added.

It seems obvious that there is a disconnect between the planning/boning boards, commissioners and the citizens of Concord Township unincorporated, as the decision to rezone this property has been overturned by a significant majority of voters consistently. I would submit that referendums are a valid guide to changing zoning/planning guidelines and making variances, exceptions, etc. It is time to let the citizen’s voice be heard and deny this rezoning.

Some have said that as long as this request follows the guidelines, you cannot do anything but approve the rezoning. This is false, on two accounts: 1) Ohio code allows for exceptions in denying rezoning, even if it accords with guidelines. 2) Guidelines are approved by elected officials to follow the will of the citizens and their counsel has been spoken clearly at least 22 times, and during the land use plan hearing citizens clearly stated that this area should be free of development.

The Troy region is a unique and inviting community in which to live but with “development” taking over green space, our community is turning into another standard suburb.

Farmland has been proven to generate a positive flow of revenue to governments, whereas developments have been shown to have overall a net loss; farmlands then generate income as well as unique character.

This farmland in question as well as the rest of farms on this street sit atop an aquifer for this region and rain perking through the soil and rocks provide clean drinking water.

The Monday, March 20 night rain was a reminder of how this farmland in question rests partially in a Zone A area according to FEMA flood maps, this would be your responsibility to confirm that this land is suitable for building and not flooding.

It seems that it behooves the Planning Commission/Trafalgar to present what has changed and provide rationale for ignoring the citizens of Concord Township unincorporated instead of moving forward to approve the rezoning request.

— Joseph Hadlock, Jan Yoder, Sue Campbell and Gary Campbell