Readers support second ice surface at Hobart

To the Editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to endorse the idea of a second ice surface for Hobart Arena. Our daughters grew up in Troy and had the wonderful chance to learn how to ice skate. Although only one of our daughters chose to ice skate as her full-time sport, all of our daughters learned valuable lessons at the rink.

From volunteering to raise money for cancer, to participating in “Learn to Skate” so all people in the community have a chance to actually learn how to ice skate, to volunteering for the many groups that come to share their talents with our community for different competitions and exhibition, to conquering the fear of landing a first jump, our daughters learned perseverance, patience and the value of working with others. Our daughters were not alone — Hobart Arena has provided the backdrop for many youth and adults to learn these values.

While ice skating affected us personally, it also impacts the entire community of Troy. Hobart has hosted the College Figure Skating Championships as well as the National Theater on Ice most recently. These events brought in much revenue for local businesses and exposure to the Troy community.

As Troy envisions how it can invite others into our community, the regional and national ice skating worlds want to be invited back for more competitions. They remember fondly the hospitality and friendliness of the Troy community and want to return.

Unfortunately, those types of competitions now require a second surface. Let’s build this second ice surface and welcome these competitions back to Hobart Arena.

— Leslie and Richard Culp