National news insulting to reader

To the Editor:

When I listen to the national news, I find it very insulting with all the lies and innuendoes. In a real news organization, the political leanings of the newscasters should not be visible and their reporters should be fair. However, they are not.

The national news always appears to lean far left. These people are entitled to their opinions as is everyone else in our country, but it should not be disguised as news. Because of their attitude regarding the truth, I believe the liberal press is responsible for a large portion of the hate in our country.

I also disagree with thugs destroying public property by destroying monuments that have been there for years and are part of our history. It is obvious that someone put them up to this and may even be funding them and this is a purposeful distraction done for a reason; they need to be arrested and jailed. No one seems to be following the money trail.

The decision to keep or destroy these monuments should be made by the groups that own them. They are part of our history. History is messy, but we should learn from it rather than try to erase it.

— James C. Siegel