Bike path decisions hard to understand

To the Editor:

It would have been nice to have the “forward thinking” that we have today back when the new Adams Street bridge was built, because if we had forward thinking back when the bridge was built we would have a bike path from the new bridge to Riverside Drive. This would certainly make the bike path across the Adams Street overpass more understandable.

Perhaps the consultant should study where bicyclists ride and then build the bikes paths there. Like McKaig Road.

Looking at how the bicyclists get from the part of the city west of the interstate to the Great Miami Recreational Trail might get more use than a bike path from Adams Street to the new epi-center of entertainment — Cherry Street.

Citizens never fear, as soon as the City Of Troy gets enough “on street bicycle paths” to move the cities from the bronze status to the silver status and then to the gold status we will be the envy of many cities around us and this should be done by the time our mayor leaves office.

The loss of parking spaces shouldn’t hurt the downtown business, it only means that we will have to walk more to get them.

The City Of Troy is a great place to live, but sometimes it is hard to understand their forward thinking and the money and effort it must take the city staff.

— Bruce Davidson