Coach Weaver an inspiration to others

To the Editor:

Coach Dave Weaver was not just an influence to the kids he coached in youth football. He was a mentor and leader to the men who coached under him. I coached for seven years under him in the late ’90s. He was an expert in taking a negative situation and turning it into a positive learning experience.

For several years I was the head coach of the fourth and fifth graders while Coach Weaver was the head coach of the sixth graders. While Coach Weaver hardly lost a game, my team struggled to win one or two games a year.

I told him I was going to quit coaching because obviously I wasn’t successful. Coach told me that I couldn’t quit. He said because of my coaching, he was able to be successful. He told me that I was great at teaching kids fundamentals and that the kids loved me. Dave told me that when the kids got to him. they were ready to play football and he could start running plays the first day of practice.

He said that sometimes coaching wasn’t always about wining. Another time, I had gotten into a little trouble with a ref during a game. Later Coach Weaver took me aside and told me that I was wrong. He said that I was too good a coach to let my emotions control the way I coached.

Coach Weaver was a great inspiration to me. He taught me lessons that not only worked on the football field, but also have worked in other areas of my life.

— Tony McGillvary