Readers disagrees with disrespect of flag, country

To the Editor:

To those protesting NFL players (and any others showing disrespect to the flag and USA, a few comments:

1. You have a right to protest because you are in the USA

2. I have the right, because I am a citizen of the USA, to not agree with you.

3. I am not a Steelers fan, but will be a fan of the one player that came on the field and showed the respect that the USA and flag deserves. It took “intestinal fortitude” to defy the other Steelers. Of course, he was a Ranger, and fought to defend the USA and flag. I am wondering how many of the other players (notice I did not say teammates) would fight for their country?

4. Perhaps a solution for those that wish to show disrespect for the USA and flag and president would be to move all of the protesting NFL players (and anyone else) to North Korea. Let them protest that “nut case” and see how far they get with that action there.

— James R. O’Donnell