Weeds have turned to bushes since unattended

To the Editor:

Troy, Ohio has a problem. Over the past several months I have contacted the Troy maintenance crew to tell them that the weeds are growing up in the gutters and the catch basins along State Route 41. We now have bushes growing and when it rains, the water cannot get to the catch basins. The last downpour we had, the water was reaching out on the roadway causing cars to hydroplane. So my question is why can’t e have these bushes and grass removed?

What has happened to our street sweeper machine? Did it croak? Did we lay off the operator? There are many streets that are seeing grass growing up along the curbs. I would like to ask Mayor Beamish and Mr. Titterington to get out of their offices and take a ride west on 41 to see what is growing there.

I have lived and worked in Troy all of my life. Troy for the most part is a beautiful city, but we should no let something like this make people coming to our city think that we don’t care.

— Janet Wawsczyk