Reader concerned about North Market

To the Editor:

Thank you, thank you, Robin Oda, for your common sense approach to a lot of the city issues here in Troy. You have more public support than what you think.

I also feel that the bike path on Adam Street should be taken out; it is not used, no matter what Patrick T. has to say. There needs to be more public input on a lot of the issues concerning the City of Troy. Not do something, then get a lot of backlash back from the residents.

One of our concerns is the city’s plans for North Market Street. It was in the plans to have a bike path, but thanks to Council President Marty Baker, it was put on moratorium. Thank you, Mrs. Baker. There are eight or nine properties on the east side of North Market that would have lost all of our on-street parking for a bike path.

Also, we recently found out that the city is planning on putting in a one-lane north, one-lane south, with a center turn lane. This is supposed to help slow traffic, but what will it do to the ambulance traffic that has approximately three runs daily? Also, what will these three lanes do to our parking out front? Most of the residents on the west side of North Market have side streets that help with their parking.

I hope that the one way north and one way south works for the city, but there are a few of us that would like to keep our on-street parking.

Mr. Beamish and Mr. T, just to let you know I am not against biking, the biking for donuts event went very well.

Thank you,

— Ralph Ritter,