Windeknecht best candidate for board

To the Editor:

Voting is the only way for citizens to be a part of the hiring process for the important roles in our community.

Electing Eric Windeknecht for Tipp City School Board is a way to assure respect, strategy, vision and transparency are applied to this vital role.

Our schools’ annual budget is around $26 million. Hire the person experienced with the complexities that come with an organization that large. Eric brings that skill. With both MBA and Engineering degrees, Eric uses analysis and strategy to lead a global corporation (Nidec Minster). He will bring that insight to Tipp Schools. But beware, digging into finances alone won’t restore the health of our schools.

Eric’s leadership, personableness and respectfulness are needed to build bridges. As proof that he is an effective collaborator and leader, he has successfully developed healthy working relationships with three separate union organizations (UAW, USW and GMP) over the last 16 years. Our community and teachers need those bridge-building skills. (Find bio highlights on Facebook at “Eric Windeknecht for School Board.”)

You may be new to Eric’s name, but you are familiar with his effort on behalf of our students. He held leadership roles in the last two school levies. Working behind the scenes, he has seen up close what is working well and what needs improved for our schools.

Vote for Eric Windeknecht.

— Heather Bailey

Tipp City