New schools ensure bright future

To the Editor:

It is time for a change and I know change is hard. But! Let’s make sure we are making the BEST decision for Troy students.

The plan presented to us for new schools will give our students many advantages that they do not have in our old, hot buildings. Consolidating facilities will maximize the programs available and will also offer the highest quality educational experience for our students. Teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate which is a huge bonus to their students.

My experience as a Troy elementary counselor has shown me that children really do not care where they go to school. They just like being with other kids!

It is critical that parents present a positive attitude about this change. Children will rise to the occasion and adjust well if their parents support this change.

I can assure you that the Troy staff will work hard to support your children, as we have the BEST people in Troy Schools.

Thank you for supporting the upcoming school levy and insuring our children have an even brighter future together in their new buildings.

— Mary M. Watson

Retired Troy Teacher and Counselor