Troy BOE asks for support for bond issue

To the Editor:

The Troy School Board has been evaluating the needs of our district and has committed to placing a bond and maintenance levy on this November’s ballot. The passage of this levy will provide the district funds to construct two elementary buildings, replacing seven old buildings. The current structures are very expensive to maintain and do not meet current educational standards. The new facilities will include air conditioning, on-demand electrical systems and the latest technology, accessibility, and safety provisions.

“Why Now, Why Not Now?” is the motto of our campaign. We have an opportunity to receive $1.00 of state funding assistance for every $2 the district invests in the construction of the new buildings. Additionally the district will invest approximately $3.5 million to update the electrical and heating systems and begin to retrofit air conditioning in our high school.

As your board member it is our responsibility to maintain financial stability for our schools while providing the best possible facilities for our administrators, teachers and staff as they educate our children. The construction of two buildings on a central campus allows all students the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and specialized services while allowing our teaching staff to share best practices.

Our buildings will not get any younger and the cost to maintain them will continue to rise. We ask that you join us and vote “Yes” for the 4.61-mil bond and maintenance levy on Nov. 7. Thank-you.

— The Troy City Board of Education

Doug Trostle, President

Joyce Reives, Vice President

Ginny Beamish

Michael Ham

Tom Kleptz