Parks a gem to our communities

To the Editor,

My name is Bob Daugherty and I was the head cross country coach for Bradford from 2004-2016 and I am currently the assistant cross-country coach. When I restarted the cross-country program. I wanted a place to run that would best mirror the courses that our athletes would compete. The only place that immediately came to mind was Stillwater Prairie Reserve. We started practicing there in 2004 and we currently practice there from 3 to 5 days a week while in season.

The Stillwater Prairie is a beautiful place. It provides a diverse practice facility with hills and trail running that allows our athletes to train in an environment that best mirrors their race conditions. There are numerous trails that allow for our runners to run on different courses so the athletes can train without the boredom that is associated with running the same course day after day. Our athletes also get the added benefit of running in nature. There is nothing like the excitement of turning a corner on a trail and seeing a deer in the middle of the trail.

I will be voting for the upcoming levy. The Miami County Park District provides a much-needed resource for the citizens of Miami County. My wife and I have competed in the Trail Run Challenge 5k Series and I realized how wonderful the other parks are as well. They are a gem of our county and I would love to see the beauty preserved for generations to come.

— Bob Daugherty, Assistant Coach

Bradford High School Cross Country