Put prisoners to work cleaning up county

To the Editor:

The other day I was riding in a friend’s car and noticed all the litter on the road.

I just received a letter from a friend who is at the jail on 25-A. He was complaining of the lack of nothing to do and said he almost got into two fights — the tension was high on football night. I’ve been in jail myself, I know how it is.

Seems to me county commissioners, courts, probation, sheriff, police, that when a person breaks the law, that part of his sentence (if the crime isn’t a felony), would be eight hours mandatory litter detail. Say he was sentenced (six months equals 48 hours of litter detail), that would ease the tension at the jail and in turn save the county some money, maybe give the prisoner some dignity, maybe a non-offender, etc.

Miami County can be beautiful — everybody talks about it. Let’s see some results.

— Ron Quillen