Congressman’s gun violence response unsatisfactory

To the Editor:

The FBI report is in and it states the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, fired more than 1,100 rounds during his rampage in October. The investigators found 20 guns, 12 with bumps stocks, and 4,000 unused rounds in his hotel room. Several of these bump stock weapons were jammed or there would have been many more casualties.

I recently emailed my congressman, Warren Davidson, and inquired why nothing has happened in Washington to rid the market of these dangerous attachments. He replied that he is a founding member of the Second Amendment Caucus, a lifetime member of the NRA and believes everyone has the right to keep and bear arms.

Not sure that the congressman understands that I’m not talking about banning the rifle, but the attachment that killed 58 and injured over 500. I found this Second Amendment response seems to be a canned response that many representatives use to avoid the questions being asked. How sad this is — let us not forget these people.

Thank God for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence who has filed a class action lawsuit against the sellers, marketers and manufacturers of “bump stocks.” They are seeking compensation on behalf of every person who attended the concert, for the monitoring and treatment cost associated with the emotional distress suffered.

The Brady Campaign strategy for 2018 is to expand and protect the Brady background check system; shut down and reform corrupt “bad apple” gun dealers; and lead a national conversation about smart, effective ways to prevent gun deaths and injuries, especially among children.

— George Riegle