Troy mom wants answers on gun laws

To the Editor:

This morning I put my first grader Noah on the school bus with a heavy heart as I thought about another mom and dad who put their Noah on a bus in Connecticut five years ago and he never came home. He was violently gunned down in his classroom.

It was a tragedy then and it is a tragedy now, because I cannot think of one thing that we have done on a local, state or national level that would prevent the same thing from happening today at my son’s school or any school across Troy or Ohio. We have not made it harder for violent or sick people to get guns. What we have done is implement active shooter drills in our schools and ultimately made it the responsibility of our children and their teachers to protect themselves against gun violence.

Last week, Rep. Warren Davidson voted to help pass a bill in the House of Representatives to make it easier to carry concealed guns across state lines. Will this make it more likely that a shooting like Sandy Hook will happen? I don’t know. Will it help prevent this type of tragedy from happening in the future to more innocent children? No, it will not.

I would like to know if Rep. Davidson has determined that 20 dead first graders (and all of the innocent children that have been gunned down since then) is a price that he is willing to pay so that people who like to buy and carry around guns can buy and carry around guns whenever they want and however they want. Will we have to wait until a similar tragedy occurs at Concord Elementary or Hook or Troy Christian or Piqua or St. Patrick’s or Miami East until Rep. Davidson realizes that the price is too high?


— Stephanie McChesney