Readers offers suggestions for a good life

You have one body and one soul — take care of both.

Pray and thank Jesus every day.

Stay healthy-fruits and vegetables every day.

Be strong in your resolve to resist drugs.

Be honest and trustworthy.

Associate with friends whose ideals/goals are similar to yours.

Help others earn your trust.

Try always to be kind and respectful to others, especially to elders.

Be cautious and alert when meeting strangers-assume nothing.

Life is competitive in many ways. This you will learn.

Try to be the best or one of the best in all your endeavors.

Never allow others to take advantage of you.

Be yourself always, do not lower your standards to be accepted by others.

Whenever necessary protect those you love and care for.

In your job or sports be a team player.

Work hard in silence; let success be your voice.

If you have leadership qualities, be a leader.

Treat others with respect/never offend their dignity.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.

We are human, mistakes happen.

Always thank others for their help.

Be quick and sincere when apologizing.

Be patient with everyone-including yourself.

Perfection is almost impossible — but give it your best.

— Robert “Bob” Rohlfs