Drainage makes for slippery situation

Editor’s note: A statement from the city of Troy’s Service and Safety Director, Patrick Titterington, says that they are aware of the issue and the draining is not illegal, it’s just how the rainwater drains off the property. He said staff staff watches for extra salt if needed. He also said city staff will be working with the property owner to change it when we they do the McKaig Phase IV project this year, which will include a lot of stormwater improvements.

To the Editor:

Water has been drained illegally for over a year in the 1500 block of McKaig Avenue. The city does not seem to care even after being reported. In the winter this is generally a 4-foot strip of ice on the south side of the street. If this were happening on Treasure Island or a bike path, I’ll bet it would have been corrected right away.

— Nelson Frantz