Ham will do board seat justice

To the Editor:

I am writing a letter of support for Michael Ham who is the only candidate for the vacant seat on the Troy City School Board of Education.

You may wonder why letters of support are needed if he is running unopposed. Certainly, none are needed and Michael will be declared the winner of the race with the casting of just one vote. However, I want to point out to Troy voters what an outstanding and committed board member Michael will be. Michael will bring with him a young person’s point of view. He graduated from THS in 2009 and Wright State University in 2013. To any voters who would say that Michael is too young to be on the school board, they are wrong. Michael has the better understanding of how the high school students perceive their education and he has the maturity to understand complex issues facing both today’s students and the public school systems.

Michael brings with him the experience of working for the city of Troy and the city safety director’s office. His position there is of benefit for him because of the personal contacts he has made. He will bring his knowledge and understanding of what is in the best interest of both the students and Troy citizens to the board of education.

Michael serves as a member on the board of trustees for The Future Begins Today; I have seen firsthand how committed to and thorough Michael is in everything that he involves himself with. Don’t pass over voting for board of education simply because the candidate (Michael Ham) is unopposed. Please mark your ballot for Michael Ham for member board of education.

— Cheryl B. Cotner