Shelter officials should reconsider decision

To the Editor:

I am sorry to read that the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County has decided to proceed with its plans to demolish the Trinity Episcopal Church building in order to expand its facility. Both the Franklin House and the church are icons and should remain intact as part of our historic downtown. The argument that a building “can’t be saved” usually means the current owner doesn’t choose to do so. There is already one expert dissenting voice that says it can be saved.

There is no compelling reason that this facility needs to be in the Historic District of our county seat, The drug epidemic and the homeless problem that are stated to be causes for the desired expansion are not limited to that area or indeed to Troy.

These epidemics may well grow to outpace the projected limited expansion of the shelter. If that happens we will have to seek a new location, but the church will still be gone.

A better course of action is to raise the funds for a facility that has potential for growth and that does not remove an icon of our heritage.

— Terry Purke