Sprinkling cans missed at cemetery

Editor’s Note: According to the city of Troy’s Service and Safety Director Patrick Titterington, the city did not remove the metal sprinkling cans from Riverside Cemetery. The sprinkling cans actually were antiques, expensive, and were stolen over time, according to Titterington. He said city staff tried replacing them with plastic cans, but they weren’t being replaced properly and were blowing away. Titterington said they now keep several sprinkling cans in a bin next to the office and they are available for anyone who wishes to use one. Staff will even deliver one to a gravesite if someone calls and requests one, he said.

To the Editor:

Last year, I don’t know whose brainchild it was, but sprinkling cans were removed from all cemetery water stations.

After seventy plus years, why? We spend money on Hobart Arena, the annual flooding boat house area, one way street police parking, but can’t afford cans to water our deceased brothers and sisters flowers.

How sad, these are the people that built this town not the ones in office today riding on their accomplishments.

The cans we had were heavy gauge steel, not cheap plastic like today. Let’s do what is right and bring them back for our fallen Trojans.

— Nelson Frantz